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C Sharp Interview Questions
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I am using a data table and a datagridview. I am creating two columns in data grid view : 1)DataGridViewComboBoxColumn 2)DataGridViewTextBoxColumn. The items of datagridviewcombo are the list of all items in data table column 1. I want that the data type of the DataGridViewTextBoxColumn should be the same as the data type of the item selected from the datagridviewcombo at runtime. How can I do that.Also I want that each cell in column of datatable should be of variable data type. Pls help. thnx.


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How to include c++ header files in c# components?


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what is Anonymous Method.? and What is shadowing?

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can any one send the project manager questions in .net

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why doesnot support prcedures and why it supports structs,functions

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how can include .netframeworl 2.0 in application setup

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how to use msflexgrid in

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what are the bugs are faced in a project


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Can we inherit a private class in chsarp? how? explain(with code) ?

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What does the term immutable mean?

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What is the best method to fill the GridView. using SqlDataReader or Dataset and why


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can we drive a class from delegate?


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can u tell me any one steps for creatting sn.k

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hi In my database i put id column as identity(the database is incremented by it self only)what i want is if i enter a data in my website, id will come automatically can u pl z tell me the code thax in advance

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Why we can't create the object of abstract class ?

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What does console writeline do?


Why is c# a good programming language?


Does unity require coding?


What is the reason behind the invention of c#?


what are implementation inheritance and interface inheritance?


What is the difference between disposing of () and finalize() methods in c#?


What is string pool in c#?


What is console application with example?


Illustrate namespaces in c#?


Explain the difference between access specifier and access modifier in c#?


What is int16?


How jit (just in time) works?


What is the purpose of constructor in c#?


Can we maintain state in webservice?


What is c# console application?