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I am using a data table and a datagridview. I am creating two columns in data grid view : 1)DataGridViewComboBoxColumn 2)DataGridViewTextBoxColumn. The items of datagridviewcombo are the list of all items in data table column 1. I want that the data type of the DataGridViewTextBoxColumn should be the same as the data type of the item selected from the datagridviewcombo at runtime. How can I do that.Also I want that each cell in column of datatable should be of variable data type. Pls help. thnx.


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How to include c++ header files in c# components?


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what is Anonymous Method.? and What is shadowing?

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can any one send the project manager questions in .net

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why C#.net doesnot support prcedures and why it supports structs,functions

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how can include .netframeworl 2.0 in application setup

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how to use msflexgrid in asp.net

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what are the bugs are faced in a project


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Can we inherit a private class in chsarp? how? explain(with code) ?

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What does the term immutable mean?

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What is the best method to fill the GridView. using SqlDataReader or Dataset and why


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can we drive a class from delegate?


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can u tell me any one steps for creatting sn.k

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hi In my database i put id column as identity(the database is incremented by it self only)what i want is if i enter a data in my website, id will come automatically can u pl z tell me the code thax in advance

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Why we can't create the object of abstract class ?

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code for arranging given number in possible permutation ways ex:123,321,312,132,231,213.


Write a console application and implement the ternary operator to decide whether the age a user entered after being prompted is allowed to vote or not(given that only citizens between 18 and 120 years only inclusive can vote). Use exception handling for non-numerical input.


1. Describe page life cycle?


update data in an xml file which resides in solution itself, using silverlight 4.0


3. Use layered architecture for coding. s.no name description 1 abc xxxxxxxxx 2 abc xxxxxxxxx 3 4 5 6 7 8 Select all Clear all Add Delete Name Description Save close


In a C# class we have a SortedList member m_addinProjects we want to provide an iterator to allow the consumer of this class access to the items in the collection. Please provide an iterator method for the AnalyzeAddinsDLL class below and an example of how it would be used. namespace AnalyzeAddinsDLL { public class AllAddInProjects { private SortedList m_addinProjects; public AllAddInProjects() { m_addinProjects = new SortedList(); } } }


what is collections in .net? why we use?


hi my question is about understanding a text the user entered to a site , so i want to analyse that text looking for some specific items such as "honda" "shoffere" etc.. so if this site could help or could tell me where to go with such question ,i wonder. thanks


What issues can be faced while delivering code?


how to insert the data from the grid view to database table though button click.pls send the answer to mail id suri1319@gmail.com


if we are updating a database using thread, and mean while application crashes or thread being aborted then what will happen in Database? Rollback or Database will be updated? Please explain with different scenario.


i want o/p 011242110 in c# code.


What framework is used for performance testing/load testing?


Helo , Help Me , Help Me About : C# Windows Application - Network How To Manage IP Client's Accessiblity To The Internet Share concise Substitute , Minor ISA Server


how to print invert pyramid in c#