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How To Maintain Transaction In C#?

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main concept of c sharp

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I wish to create a windows application to perform a similar function as that of the "Search" which is provided to look for related files and folders in the System.. What steps must i follow??


f i give input like 1,1,4,5,6,1,2,5,4,1,2, then output should be like : 1-4, 2-2, 4-2, 5-1, 6-1 which means 1 occurs 4 times, 2 occurs 2 times like so.

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What is Interface and Abstraction (in real time scenario)


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What is Serialization and how do we implement (in real time scenario)

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What is HashTable, what is the use of it, when do we use (purpose).

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how to retrive a TextBox value in to Sql database using C# windows form application coding

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what is the need of using interface in program ex:if we have a program like this interface1() { void method1(); void method(); } class a1 : interface1 { a1 b = new b(); b.method1(); b.method2(); } so without using interface also we can achieve this then wat is the need to use the interface? plz give me the answer

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how many catch we can write in thye program?

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how to access the virtual method without creating the objet for the virtual method?

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can it possible to acees the virthual method using the override method object? plz give me the example

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How to run the program at particular time? It should run everyday at 3:00 PM. After executing the program should sleep until next day at 3:00 PM. Please explain with code?

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may we achieve polyphormsm through overloading a funtion?Is it right or wrong concept because i read polyphormism can be achieved through overloading?plz help me thnks

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What issues can be faced while delivering code?


what is collections in .net? why we use?


write code for inserting and updating recoards in sql server database using connected architecture & records shoulds displayed in grid view ( use c# )


what is .NET framework architecture ??


3. Use layered architecture for coding. s.no name description 1 abc xxxxxxxxx 2 abc xxxxxxxxx 3 4 5 6 7 8 Select all Clear all Add Delete Name Description Save close


What exactly happens when we debug and build the program?


how to insert the data from the grid view to database table though button click.pls send the answer to mail id suri1319@gmail.com


how to print invert pyramid in c#


1. Describe page life cycle?


what is be the overhead, if i use binary transmission. and will it be sent using xml text or how ?


Asha buys 16 Chocolates for rs 12 and 24 chocolates for rs 20, if she sold them 30 chocolates for rs 30 then what is the Gain/Loss percentage? Gain(700/19 %) Loss(700/19 %) Gain(500/19 %) Loss(500/19 %) If one person ate 100 grapes in 5 days and 6 more each day from starting, what was the no of grapes he ate on first day? 6 8 10 7 If seven men P, Q, R, S, T, U, V parked his car, P and Q something like that. 6 student J, K, L, M, N, O went for picnic in 2 batches, K and L have to go together, M and O do't go together, if O and L go in one batch then which of these combination will be wrong. Jmnp Jklo klop JKLO a boat can go upstream and down stream, if it goes 5/2 times of downstream at the speed of 6 kmph then what will be the speed of upstream? 15 KMPH 12 KMPH 10 KMPH 11 KMPH A, B, C, D, E sitting on a table, A sits 2 seat left from B and C sits 2 seat right from B then what will not be the combination ACDE


2. What happened when BO object has been called?


Hello! How to do this: "Create manifest utility intended for creating update content files. Application should take a set of files as input parameter and generate XML based manifest file as output one." I use C# and vs.net 2003. It's urgent! Help please, thanks. Mayana


how to compare numbers and dispaly the largest ? *first thing I wanted to do is to input how many numbers to be compared *and then analyzed the largest then display it.


In gridview in editmode if we want to display information in one combobox based on