To get a parabola if you cut a section of?

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To get a parabola if you cut a section of?..

Answer / shreesha vitthala

A parabola is a conic section.
So cut a cone obliquely.

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To get a parabola if you cut a section of?..

Answer / sandeep


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To get a parabola if you cut a section of?..

Answer / vishwajeet

parabola is section of cone.
it is obtained by cutting a right circular cone parallel to its slant face

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To get a parabola if you cut a section of?..

Answer / esnaveen

in order to get a parabola. just cut a standard ELLIPSE
VERTICALLY you will get left opened and a right opened
parabola along the x axis........

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To get a parabola if you cut a section of?..

Answer / vikram

cut a section of a semi sphere in any inclined manner.

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