meaning of JOLLY?

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meaning of JOLLY?..

Answer / radhvika


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meaning of JOLLY?..

Answer / guest


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meaning of JOLLY?..

Answer / m.iswarya


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In a cricket match, two batsman playing on 94 runs each and they need 7 more runs to win in last 3 balls. at last they win the match and both batsman scored 100 runs not out. how it is possible that both batsman scored 100 run each being not out?

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A policeman buys some bunches of yellow bananas at 30 cents per bunch and red bananas 40 cents/bunch .He said if i have split the sum equally and bought bananas he would have got two more bunches find the amount he used it to buy bananas

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what is ment by SEBI?

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a certain no of bullets were shared by 3 ppl equally.each of them fired 4 of the bullets and the sum of the remaining bullets are equal to the initial share each had got.what was the initial number of bullets?

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Hi, Please provide me the National Informatics centre written test papers.This my mail id provide me.this is very helpful to me. Thanks.

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there is number X in decimal represntation whose last digit is not 0. if digits of X are reversed then we obtain new number say Y. both X and Y are divisible by 7. then find all such X from 10 to 1000.

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Which of the following countries enjoys a federal form of Govt.? i)China,ii) USA, iii) cuba, and iv)Belgium

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Mr. Beans visited a magic shop and bought some magical marbles of different colours along with other magical items. While returning home whenever he saw a coloured light, he took out marbles of similar colours and counted them. So he counted the pink coloured marbles and found that he has bought 25 of them. Then he counted 14 green marbles and then 21 yellow marbles. He later counted 30 purple coloured marbles with him. But when he reached a crossing, he looked at a red light and started counting red marbles and found that he had bought 23 Red marbles. As soon as he finished counting, it started raining heavily and by the time he reached home he was drenched. After reaching home he found that the red, green and yellow marbles had magically changed colours and became white, while other marbles were unchanged. It will take 1 day to regain its colours, but he needs to give atleast one pair of marbles to his wife now. So how many white marbles must be choose and give to his wife so as to ensure that there is atleast one pair of red, yellow and green marbles ?

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