opposite to ESSENTIAL?

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opposite to ESSENTIAL?..

Answer / radhvika


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opposite to ESSENTIAL?..

Answer / shrey jain

Inessential or Nonessential.....

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opposite to ESSENTIAL?..

Answer / shanoor

non essential.

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opposite to ESSENTIAL?..

Answer / iswarya.m


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opposite to ESSENTIAL?..

Answer / kavin


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Mixed Economy can be defined as a form of organization where the elements of both capitalist economy and socialist economy are found.is it true or false?

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11:? 92 92 42 38 42 18 14 14 18 6 4 2 4 6

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A certain street has 1000 buildings. A sign-maker is contracted to number the houses from 1 to 1000. How many zeroes will he need?

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Plz email me question papers of Aptitude test for SBI PO exam.

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E=I*I*R what is the effect of E when I becomes I/2

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70% of people reads morning news paper 40% of people reads evening newspaper 20% of people reads neither morning nor evening newspapers 1 prob who reads at least one newspaper 2 prob who reads both newspaper 3 prob who reads only one newspaper

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what type of questions asked during sbi interview? what is the duration for written test?

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