General Aptitude Interview Questions
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Robert is travelling on his cycle and has calculated to reach point a at 2 p.m. If he travels at 10 kmph, he will reach there at 12 noon if he travels at 15 kmph. At what speed must he travel to reach?


In a family, the average age of a father and a mother is 35 years. The average age of the father, mother and their only son is 27 years. What is the age of the son?



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What are all the java technical questions?


2. Why would you choose a database system instead of simply storing data in operating system files? Give and explain advantages of using DBMS.


What is the attitude


Financial aptitude


Current/most recent employer (Please state full names and address including Country and post code) Current Position Held When would you be available to start work? ONLINE INTERVIEW [INSTRUCTIONS: Give brief answers to all the under listed questions] QUESTIONS ANSWER SPACE 1) What are your years of experience? 2) How do you approach a technical problem? Give an example. How long do you think it would be before you will make a significant contribution to the team/company?


#Problem: A man buys a house for tk 500000 and rents it. He puts 12.5% of each months rent aside for repairs, pays tk 1660 as annual taxes and realizes 10% on his investment thereafter. Find the monthly rent of the house. Solve it in details please.

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The Parallelogram PQRS, the line RS have midpoint T from line PQ. What is the ratio of Triangle PTS / parallelogram PQRS?


a grandfather has 5 sons and daughters and grandchildren.they have to be arranged in a row such that the first 4 seats and last four seats are to be taken by grandchildren and the grandfather would not sit adjacent to any of the grandchildren.


A family I know has several children. Each boy in this family has as many sisters as brothers but each girl has twice as many brothers as sisters. How many brothers and sisters are there?


the probability of getting at least in a single through of three coins is


In 8*8 chess board what is the total number of squares refer oder


A power unit is there by the bank of the river of 750 meters width. A cable is made from power unit to power a plant opposite to that of the river and 1500mts away from the power unit. The cost of the cable below water is Rs. 15/- per meter and cost of cable on the bank is Rs.12/- per meter. Find the total of laying the cable.


Find the unit digit of product of the prime number up to 50 ?


Rakesh buys 1 gallon of milk for Rs.12 and mixes it with 20% water. He then sells it for Rs.15, What is the percentage of gain that Rakesh would get.


A sum of money doubles itself in 4 years at simple interest, in how many years, it would become 7 times of itself?


The crew of a rowing team of 8 members is to be chosen from 12 men (M1, M2, …., M12) and 8 women (W1, W2,…., W8), such that there are two rows, each row occupying one the two sides of the boat and that each side must have 4 members including at least one women. Further it is also known W1 and M7 must be selected for one of its sides while M2, M3 and M10 must be selected for other side. What is the number of ways in which rowing team can be arranged.




a number of subsets of a set s is 128, then s has


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A boy has Rs 2. He wins or loses Re 1 at a time If he wins he gets Re 1 and if he loses the game he loses Re 1. He can loose only 5 times. He is out of the game if he earns Rs 5. Find the number of ways in which this is possible?