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General Aptitude Interview Questions
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In 60 reems of paper 40 reems were utilised then what percent will remain?

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A started at 9.00 am with 6 mph and B started at 9.30 am with 8mph in the same direction. At what time they will meet?

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In a company 3/5 of people know shorthand 1/4th know typing and 1/5 know both. What fraction of people do not know both?

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A company requires 11,500 strength.present employees are 200 women , men and 6500 unmarried To reach the target how many women required to maintain the same ratio?

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What is the time required to punch 1500 cards of 50 column each at the rate of 10,000 punches per hour?

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There are 5 red shoes, 4 green shoes. If one drasw randomly a shoe . what is the probability of getting redshoe


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What is the selling price of a car? cost of car is Rs 60 & profit 10% profit over selling price


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Two candles of equal lengths and of different thickness are there. The thicker one will last of six hours. The thinner 2 hours less than the thicker one. Ramesh light the two candles at the same time. When he went to bed he saw the thicker one is twice the length of the thinner one. For how long did Ramesh lit two candles .


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price of a product is reduced by 30% . What percentage should be increased to make it 100%


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M/N = 6/5 3M+2N = ?

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If PQRST is a parallelogram what it the ratio of triangle PQS & parallelogram PQRST

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cost of an item is Rs 12.60 7 profit is 10% over selling price what is the selling price

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There are 6 red shoes & 4 green shoes . If two of red shoes are drawn what is the probability of getting red shoes

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15 lts of water containing 20% alcohol, then added 5 lts of water. What is % alcohol.

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A worker pay 20/- day , he works 1, 1/3,2/3,1/8.3/4 in a week. what is the total amount paid for that worker


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Time constant for an integrator and differentiator should be


Four circles are drawn from the corners of a square of area 49 cm2. Find the area of 4 circles outside the square (they didn't mention that circles have radius=1/2 side of a square)?


Suhana gets 70% in Maths, 80% in Physics. To get an overall of 75% how much should she get in English.


A sales person multiplied a number and get the answer is 3, instead of that number divided by 3. what is th answer he actually has to get ?


A building with height D shadow upto G. What is the height of a neighbouring building with a shadow of C feet.


A can have a piece of work done in 8 days, B can work three times faster than the A, C can work five times faster than A. How many days will they take to do the work together ?


194 base 10 = ____ base 5


how 1000000000 can be written as a product of two factors neither of them containing zeros


In a family Reshma is elder sister of Ragini . Soni is Reshma's daughter and Saloni is Soni's cousin. Rgini's mother is Rajani. Ramani is the sister-inlaw of Reshma. Who is Soni's grandmother?




A man walks east and turns right and then from there to his left and then 45degrees to his right.In which direction did he go ?


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GOOD is coded as 164 then BAD coded as 21.if ugly coded as 260 then JUMP?


A ship is away from the shore by 180 miles.A plane is travelling at 10 times speed of the ship.How long from the shore will they meet?


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