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Oracle Apps Manufacturing Interview Questions
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What are the Inventory Key flex fields?

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In osp cycyle i have one finished goods -FG1 Raw material - RM1 Osp Item - OSP1 Resource -Ospres01 Charge Type -PO Move I assign dept, then i created routing and bom. then i realsed job the PO requestion Generated But when i replace on another OSP ITEM - OSP2 for OSP1 having same attributes i am not getting Po requestion CAn any one help me? Thanks in advance, Raghunandana


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Do you mean by API

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what are the Nine mandatory Flexi fields in Inventory set up


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If any person ask what you know about AIM? How briefly we can explain b'coz we cont expalin AIM in short time.

Satyam, Wipro,

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What is Reorder point and Reorder quantity? and what is its significance?


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Types of Calendar? where we are define it?

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What are step included to make a final assembly?

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How do you identify model Type and Option Type BOM in Bill of Material Pages?


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What do you mean by Planning Item?

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what is an attribute from which we can distingwish an orgnisation and master item organisation?

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How do you ensure on and availability are daily base for min max planning?

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What is difference between Sub inventory Transfer and Move order Transfer?


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Cycle Count?

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what is differnce between Tomanufactring leadtime and total lead time and total cumulative lead time?

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List out the tables in basic oracle apllication modules?