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what is multi org setup in R12?

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I have defined the system options,Receivable activity for REFUND in AR.And now i am getting fallowing error while creating REFUND in Receipt. ---------An unexpected error -6502 has occurred. An alert has been sent to the system administrator. ORA-01403 no data found---------

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what are the documents prepared by functional consultant under aim methodology, which document will be prepared in each phase and which is the important phase in aim.


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can you explain about RD-20,MD-50,TE-40,BR-40 under aim methodoloty what it consists, how do you prepare them

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can you explain aim methodology, what are the documents need to be prepare as functional consultant, explain about gap.


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what is the gap analysis, how do you defined.what are the pre- requisities

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Can any one tell set ups required for for Bills Receivables and also Automatic Receipts.

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Is it possible to retire an asset in the same period it is added?

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What are all the differences in 11i environment and R12?

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i have defined currency rates for the month of june translation purpose and june period is opened but in translation form i have seen periods from july why it happend could u please explain

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what is value set

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How to refund for a customer who returns goods and wants a refund for $600 in R12 In above scenarios customer does not want Credit Memo or On- Account Credit, he wants refund check . and as we know we do not issue check from AR. How can we issue Check from AP and how offsetting is done for the same in R12

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What is Difference between Internal Sales order and Intercompany Sales order ? How they are Different in 11i and R12


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What is is "Depreciable Basis" which is coming in "Asset Register Report" in Oracle Fixed Assets. How to calclate the Original Cost to get the same value which is coming in the Report. I got the information that Cost - Salvage Value. Its working fine only with One Addition. If we have multiple additions, then I am not getting calculated these Depreciable Basis Amount which is coming in Asset Register Report. Can any one help me out in getting this value calculation Please. Thanks & Regards, Rajkumar Peddi Cell: 9849024872

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what is the use of below profile options while configure multiorg? 1. HR: Security Profile 2. MO: Security Profile 3. GL Set of books name 4. MO: Operating Unit 5. HR: User type


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I am created credit memo in at but while trying to complete it showing error message-hz_party_location


Substitute receipts and Unordered Receipts


Explain Customer Creation and Maintenance Process. Provide samples of customer master records with Payment Terms.


what is the difference between bonus reserve and bonus expense


In Subinventories Form, how to enable the Locator Control. A message displayed when changing the drop down list "FRM-40200: Field is protected against update.


I have created an invoice and made the payment in Accounts payable. Now the payment status is Negotiable and accounting status is processed. I reconciled the transaction in Cash Mgmt, The status changed from negotiable to Reconciled in CM. I checked the payment status for the invoice in payment window(AP), the payment status changed to RECONCILED UNACCOUNTED i.e correct but the accounting status is remain processed which is not the correct. I hope the transaction will be correct if the accounting status would have changed to PERTIAL . Please suggest any solution for the above query.


payment types and payment methods.


1.what is the name of program to create invoice automatic from po.? 2.How to auto upload the bank statement? 3.PO tax has not flown to invoice . why? Debit memo not generated for return of goods.??


What is Difference between Auto Copy Journal and recurring journal?


Do you track and record relationships between customers e.g. franchises, subsidiaries etc.?


How will account an advance of Rs.10000/- which is a permanent prepayment, can I make payment for this?


I have a requirement where during the consolidation into USD (from GBP books) I want use two different exchange rates for two consolidations. Child SOB is same but the Parent SOB's are different. How can this be done in Oracle Financials? Answers will be Appreciable. Thank You.


Please post the setups required to approve the payable invoice in AP.


difference between tds and income tax (India)


Re: what are the Issue that we face in Gl,PO and AP while Supporting