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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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tell me about Woodward505 Function as a point of Instrument Engineer.

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dear friends, i have seen flow as the selection critriea in presure guage (bourdon tube) and i would like to know what is the relation between flow and performance of pressure guage other parameters i found in the data sheet are pressure max. 1ksc temperature max. - 50 deg c line size - 80NB operating range - 1ksc pr. guage range - 0-2 ksc thank u,


dear friends pls tell me how temperature compensations are done in bourdoun tube of pressure guages thankx

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what is the difference between PLC & DCS


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what is the exact job for automation enggineer?


how the arrangement of equipments done in control room


what is the difference between RTU & MTU in SCADA system?


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what is differnace between radar level tranmitter & hart type tranmitter?

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can any one tell leakage class in control valve depend on which parameter and there is any specific table or chart for selection of valve leakage class

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what is the basic working principle of I/P and Positioner in any control valve.

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Tell me about PID Tuning and what is PID.

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flow transmeter accuracy 0.075% of full scale & find ucertainty is 0.025 % so what is maximum limit band of uncertainty



what is mean by TDC-3000


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what is relation between electronics&instrumentation

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what is the control valve?how many types of control valves are there

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What inherent design and operating principles are included in a modern control system to use predictive maintenance practices to increase overall system reliability?


what different types of problems do occur while doing instrumentation commisioning and how to solve them? please explain in detail


how to measure oxygen which methods are using?


What is the advantage of using locally fabricated hook ups over Pre fabricated hook ups in process instrumentation?


please send the drdo exam paper


How to regulate the flow of Air in 4" line, with max flow of 330 nm3/hr and Pressure of 0.5 bar? please suggest the type of instrument required.


kindly sent some demo question and answer


What is the difference between mmwc and mmwg?


What are the types of valves?


What you mean by multi stage control vavles?


what is metal of piston ring


What is three element in drum level?


basic connection and principle of axial shift sensor n differential sensors in tubine describes n draw......


which type inter lock use in petrochemical refinery,and oil & gas?


what is the process to make control schematic ?