Instrumentation Interview Questions
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warning lamp does not light, but it does light when the wire from the lamp going to the sending unit is grounded (the part that plugs into the sending unit) what does this indicate)?

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what is the reason while warning lamp is on while the engine is cranking?



The wire is disconnected from the temperature sending unit (magnetic gauge). A voltmeter connected to the wire reads 0v. What does this indicate?

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The wire is disconnected from the fuel gauge sending unit (bimetallic gauge). A voltmeter connected to the wire reads a pulsating 5v. What does this indicate?

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Is there a particular problem if two proposals from the same observatory (originating with different partners) are submitted?

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which instrument is most commonly used to observe the external features of a grasshopper's abdomen?

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which instrument is used to study the structure of phloem and xylem tissue?

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Which products are available in the Mass Systemswitch and System Manager AC range?


Is SmartPlant Instrumentation taking advantage of the quality assurance procedures within Intergraph?

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Can SmartPlant Instrumentation be used in a concurrent engineering environment?

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How does the "as-built" function benefit plant owner/operators?

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How can SmartPlant Instrumentation users take advantage of these global services?

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Will Intergraph support SmartPlant Instrumentation in an AutoCAD or MicroStation environment on a long-term basis?


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How is SmartPlant Instrumentation related to INtools?


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How does SmartPlant Instrumentation interface with physical design (3D modeling)?


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please tel me the calibration of pneumatic controler.


what is the working principal of pribe


Working principle of magnetic flow meter ......and calibration procedure of e+h magnetic flowmeter...


Pressure tx shows 1 mbar but we need 1000 mbar at this process condition .. how can we sort it out .


What is stripper & spilitter ? Diffrence in this.?


which type of zones used for boiler? & why ?


Dear Friends, we are planning to design Power distribution and Fiber optic in the same cabinet.Like Front side Fiber optic and Rear side Power distribution.Is it any possibility of problem occurs like interference etc? Your answer is highly appreciate.


what is moisture probe? What are there types? What is there working principle and how they works? guys this is one of technical question I had ask in interview. If you know its answer please let me know. The interviewers were more interested in microwave moisture probe, so if you find its any link please just forward me on my mail Thanks in advance.


how pressure transmitter work, what is its principal to measure and how its generate signal. for pressure transmitterinstallation which precautions must be taken ??


What is the working principle of Bentley Nevada 3300


can we create an interrupt in plc through scada?


how u calibrate pneumatic n motorized c/v?


Why upper weighing limit of electronics balance is 90% of the total weighing capacity?


What is heating effect?


how to turbine speed measurement?