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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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what is the procedure for auto tune in masoneialn 12300 series displacer type transmitter?


how pressure transmitter work, what is its principal to measure and how its generate signal. for pressure transmitterinstallation which precautions must be taken ??


what is vibration sensor working principal and how many types its has??

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Valve positioner and actuators in detail.



How to convert ma to mv? Resistance 250 ohm is connected in series or Parallel?


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difference between repeatability and reproductability


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what is stability


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difference between span and range


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difference between accuracy and precision

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Where Can i take a SPI INtools training in Mumbai? In Rolta India Ltd to whom I should approach regarding of SPI INtools Training?


What is the difference between a double acting and single acting positioner? what type of valves use single acting positioners?

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Dear All can any one told me that VFD Make ABB Model ACS800-01 used for dual Source like 1.DC Source applied at terminal UDC+,UDC- 2. 3 phase 400AC,50Hz

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how far the two wire transmission (loop power) maximum distance suitable?


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We are used ABB 800xa 5.1.please tell me how to instrall this.


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we are used SAMSON 3730 Smart positioner.please tell me how to calibration this.


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Square root calculation for dp flow transmitter?


Why we are using DPT(Differential Pressure Transmitter) in separator instead of level trasmitter?


What are de-saturators?


Describe a time when you anticipated potential problems and developed preventive measures.


How addressable fire systems work? Pl. send details with architect.(Loop), also send details regarding Gas system. Pl. help me.Thanks


A PLC is programmed to drive three motors A, B and C as follows : After running motor A for an hour, motor B should get ON and motor A should get OFF. And after running motor B for an hour, motor C should get ON and motor B should get OFF. And after running motor C for an hour, motor A should get ON and motor C should get OFF. (That is, a cyclic repetition with time period one hour) Now, the second condition is: If any motor gone faulty and is tripped, the consecutive motor should get ON and the faulty (tripped) motor should be eliminated from cyclic repetition. The remaining two motors should bear the cyclic repetition of one hour each. (For healthy motor take logic as high and for tripped motor take logic as low) Now, the third condition is: When motor A load(Amps) exceeds 60% of its rated load, motor B should get ON in parallel to motor A. And when both motors A & B are running in parallel, and if their load exceeds 60% of their rated load, motor C should also start in parallel to A & B. [Here the cyclic repetition is eliminated, until their loads become normal(40%)] [Take logic high(1) for load at 60% and logic low(0) for load at 40%] Now draw a flow chart or a ladder diagram to fulfill the above condition.


Explain about safety integrated level protection? . How it was differ from other protections ?


Explain the working of rota meter.


defination of radial vibration?


how do we commission inergen system?


what is the imbustion control loop


How u measure the massflow in orifice flow measurement techniques


how to calibrate Necleuonic level transmitter.?


How to work togather like sov,limit switch,proxy switch and booster in xv


Explain ratio control system.