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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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what is the sales organisation

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what is the mean of group of accounts and examples


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Hi, My questions is, What is the procedure for deleting a ledger. I am not asking blocking. I am asking deleting a ledger.

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what is the difference between field status group and field status variant asked at tcs


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tell me about Configuration of Group/country chart of account ?


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Pls any budy can tell me about group/country chart of account all t.code.


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Why the companies Using SAP FICO? What is the Exct Features of this Module? And i Know the why SAP using and Uses of that one Please Give me a exct ANS? Thanks

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Hi all...After dunning run has carried out the customer has not received the dunning note... what all could be the possible reason...?


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can two banks assign one house bank


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HELLO, I have a doubt in FI Asset Accounting. On 01.04.2010 I capitalized the asset (Furniture & Fixture) and purchase on 01.04.2010  (Document date & Posting Date) worth Rs.10000/-  (ASSET Acquisition Value) , I charged depreciation 10% up to 6 months with WDV method. After 6 month the value of asset is Rs.9500/-. Now I want to sell the asset of Rs.9000. When I done the same instead of showing the loss on sale of asset of Rs.500/-, its showing Rs. 1000/- on loss on sell of asset. WHY SO…… PLEASE SUGGEST I AM CONFUSED, IS THERE SOMETHING MISSING IN CLIEN 800? OR IT MY MISTAKE IN G/L ASSIGNING IN T.CODE: AO90

JK Technosoft,


My broker placed 105 of my shares in Margin Account. he states "verbal auth." How do I return 105 shares back into my regular account. These are great stocks.


hi all can u explin the flow of fi to co


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how two differnt banks can assign to one house bank


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Hi, i am learning Sap fico,in financial accoutng year variant, if particulat Dept like SA or Da, if i want to give restriction like current month posting only they can do, what is the way, pls give me ans with example. 2) question when i am copying one company codes to other company codes, its showing some error as give variant, the path which i am following is as follows SPRO-FA_FAGS-documents-documents no ranges pls help me out.

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1. For a client creation of many group under one General Ledger


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Why do you need cost element accounting? : co- general controlling


What is the use of fi-asset accounting component?


what is the configuration steps of cash flow statement?


rules for creating asset downpayment account


how can we start our career in sap fi implementation


what is the role of Functional Consultant in end to end implementation?


Hai... friends i dont know this is right or wrong but depends on my position ask this question. any one know the SAP FICO genuine back door job in software. iam married but some reason can i take divorce so iam very disturbed. so in this position i will not able to concentrate and not able to face interview. so iam asking backdoor but i have strong knowledge on subject. pls help me. my qualification M.Com ( 2009 ). contact my mail id : cont me as early as possible. thank you.


Explain about the tax reports in sap?


Hi 1) question can u explain me a suitation where in we can change from GL Account to Opwen Item Account. 2) What is ACH in SAP please explain in detail.


Is it possible to calculate standard cost estimate for a past date?


What are the different submodules in sap fi?


Explain reversal of documents in sap? : fi- general ledger


What is an operating chart of accounts?


What does field status group assign to a gl master record controls?


Can you explain how carry-forward happens in sap?