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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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What is field status and what does it control?


Explain about sap fico?


How input and output taxes are taken care in sap?

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What is the importance of good received/ invoice received clearing account?


What is the use of financial statement version in sap?


SAP finance department Accounts

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FI Functional Technical Interview Q.& Ans

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All fico interview questions


The user reported that buyer Grbic 81 DOO, SAP code 200021394 has busy Credit Limit in amount of 1.312,93 RSD, which makes blockades on the stuff delivery to the buyer. This makes Open delivery which is not recognized by the SAP overview. The user asks for the additional check and resolution of the issue.


I have learn the course SAP FI/CO in the Yr.2007 and have an experience in this part as a FI-End user of 2.8 yrs. Presently I have working in ERP –Accounts department & have More than 15 yrs. Experience. Please suggest me how can I grow my experience in SAP FI/Co due to changing my job? Waiting for your response plese.


What are roles you have played in roll out project ?


SAP FICO_AutoBank Tool

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What is the meaning of Retained earning account ? why it is mandatory area in SAP FI


Name any 5 CO tables and How do CO Consultants use the CO tables and other tables?


In a company there are 2 plants, Both Plants manufacturing the same product. In Plant 1 variance come. Now the client requirement is add that variance in the plant 2. How can we do that ?


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Difference between depreciation ,accumulated depreciation and apc?


How to map Idocs in app


what soft were u r company uesing


currently i am recruited in rollout project my parent company is singapore and now we are doing rollout in could any one please tell me what are the neccesaary steps


What is Plan Depreciation(AFAB)


Which interface change sql requirements in the sap development system to those of the database?


Explain about asset master?


Which releases of mysap business suite are supported on linux?


How we manage Cheque Management Systems in SAP?


We are are looking to take the IS-Utility payment from the third party software where one API will be called with the variable input parameter (Business Partner/ Amount/ Bill reference number and so on..). and we are trying to post the payment in transaction FPCD cask desk for which we have searched several Functional Module but it do not worked and with BDC recording the transaction we are not able to save. kindly suggest any other payment method and Function Module, to figure out this solution.


What is the Pre-mapping and Matching?


What is periodic processing in fi-aa? : fi- asset accounting


Automatic clearing Ib OB74 based on criteria I have defined document type and account no. and whether it cleared automatically or we have to go to F.13 do test run after that we will clear the document


Hello every, I have my MBA in finance in 2011 I was working for NBFC. Now I am decided to join in sap fico course. But the fact is I forgot all accounting knowledge. Zero accounts knowledge. How may eligible for sap fico course, is there any problems to face during course regarding accounts etc. What are the problems basically peoples like me face in fico course and after getting a job.


What do you mean by chart of accounts? What is it used for?