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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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i want to check whether the particular cost center is assigned to which Controlling cycle.


Hi, SAP GURUS, I have one question - What is the use of Internal number range and External number range? In which cases these no. ranges are applied? and why we use external no. ranges inspite of using internal no. range and for which case we use it? Plz. give the answers in details.

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1. can we do APP run for more than 5 co., codes? 2. what are the various issues raise at the time of APP run?

Keane India Ltd,

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Hello friends i am preparing For SAP FICO, can u please suggest me how can i find the jobs openings?, how shall i prepare for it? and on what area i should more focus on? which kind of questions can enterviewer can ask me and how shall i reply. can please get any reference from your side.. please. i am just craving to get the job please help me....... please reply me on E-mail: ....

SAP Labs,


i run my app and i printed my check and after that i find that i made a mistake of wrong payment to irrelated vendor.... now wat can i do.... can i stop app... and can i stop payment and can i delete proposal and payment in app???? and can i run new app towards new vendor.....


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Hi Guru's- I have one question... I have went one interview in one of the company,where they have asked me that what are the issues I have faced while doing project? As, I'm fresher, but shown some fake exp. i'm unable to answer it. But can any one say what does this "ISSUE" means in SAP? Plz. can any give me the answer with atleast one practical exp. of ISSUES.

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Why should we use external number range inspite of using internal no. range in Asset Configuration? Plz. give the answer in detials.

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Hello friends, when configuring GL master data an option called maintain externally exists.what is the purpose of this Maintain externally option? In which way is this helpful to us?


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what is meaning of rest and reversal & reset

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Hello all, I'm working as an end user (AP&AR)from past 30 months, suggest me what to do to enter in to the core consultant position. Recently I have learned SAP FI module. How to approch the companies? Please suggest. Thankyou, Prashanth 9866654565

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What are the documents require for Born in sale in relation to sales tax?

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How many reconcilliation a/c can be assigned in vendor and customer? Can we create alternate reconciliation a/c in vendor?

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i need a real time fico tutor in hyderabad location


Hi friends, can any body tell me, how can we block, a particular payment term for a particular vendor.


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How can I copy a standard table to make my own?


how to delte g/l if transaction are updated. :- hi expertise how to delete the g/l a/c if the transaction are updated in. whether any possibility to delete. let me know. thanks in advance


In period 1 there is a wip posted of 22000 usd in period 2 some further goods issue are done to the extent of 15000 usd. How will system calculate wip for period 2?


How do you manage outgoing partial payment for the vendor in fi?


re: when i am posting insharecapitalpaid i received one message that is there is no item is assigned to this account (bankaccount)/company code


What exactly do you know about the sap fico?


What is the structure of resource master data type? : cost center accounting


what is the role of Functional Consultant in end to end implementation?


What is Unit Testing & Integration Testing. Explain with example considering FICO module.


Explain a sales cycle in sap? : fi- accounts receivable


How data flows from co to copa? : co-pa


In asset accounting what is the organizational assignments?


How do you maintain the number range in production environment? Do you directly create it in the production box or do you do it by means of transport?


Is it possible to create multiple assets in a single transaction? : fi- asset accounting


What is generally configured in the payment term as a default for baseline date?