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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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At the time of creating GRN can I mention business area?



Can we create P.O.for multiple vendors? How can we create it?

BYD, iGate, Wipro,

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Suppose I have one asset. I want to post depreciation for first 6 months 2 shifts and second 6 months 3 shifts. How do u configure this in asset accounting? explain me?


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Which one of the payment mode is more effective, whether of using Partial Payment or Residual Payment in th company for vendor clearing and for why? Plz. give the explanation.

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What is the main activities of Assessment Cycle? and how it works? plz. give the configuration in details.


please explain fi-sd integration with dtailed, thank u

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what is mean by blueprint

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whatis mean by project charter

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What is internal number range? What advantages & risk?


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Define post automatically & what usage at the time of creating gl a/c?

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What is difference between parking & holding document?

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I have two companies one is parent company & another sister company. Both companies have same vendors & customers. Can I assign dunning procedure for both comapnies?


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Hello friends, i am persuing SAP FICO can u please suggest me how to get job after complition of course. infact every company asking for at least 3 years of domain experience if every company askinh only for experince holder then wher the fresher will go, how do fresher will get expreince untill and unles they don't get opportunity to work with. it seems it is very dificult to get job in this field.please senior help me ..... please, if there is any opening in your company then please inform me on


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What is the different between withholding tax type and withholding tax code?


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Hi Gurus, I have faced a problem while trying to post a withholding tax. I configure the withholding tax fully and after that i have also assigned it to vendor of my company code.When i'm posting that vendor a/c with withholding tax, the tax has been calculated, but when i'm trying to post it delivers an error message to me- i.e. "could not determine the year for TDS certificate number range". Plz, help me out from this.

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What is archiving? How does it differ from deletion? : fi- general ledger master data


How are scrap costs shows in the standard cost estimate?


Hai i completed MBA finance and done SAP FICO than i want start my carrer with sap fico entry level .Is there any openings such jobs .suggest me any one plz................


in payment terms what is the use of day light?in fsg 1 feild we can not control what is that feild.pls give the ans for this 2 questions


explain automatic payment program? : fi- accounts payable


Overview of G/L account :- Dear, what type of G/L account use in SAP.How to see all type of G/L account in sap those are used in a organization.


in which server did number ranges of CO mainly created? is it in development server or in production server? Plz. give the reason.


In sap fi what are the organizational elements?


What is the co reconciliation ledger and when would you typically use it?


Explain automatic payment programmer


When I enter the VAT registration number in OBY6 - company code global data, I get the following error. Entry of a VAT only possible for co. codes in EC countries Message no. FC199. My co.code country is RO - Romania. Where do I mention that co.code country is EC country ? Awaiting your early reply friends Regards, Janardhan


How the system will know that april is your first posting period?


Is it possible to calculate standard cost estimate for a past date?


What is the use of account receivables in fi?


What is the year specific fiscal year variant?