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SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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Hi What is the difference between FBL5N(View Customer A/C's) and the FD10N(Display Customer A/c's) and FB03(Display Document. Please do not mind i am getting confused in this T.Codes and their meanings.

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What is the meaning of ADHOC P.O's Do we create Adhoc P.O's to our regular Vendors.What are the Tax aspects in this Issue.


What is Trading Partner?

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What is the settlement in Real order?

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what is the Ageing analysis?what is the purpose?

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What is the Configure of COPA?

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what are tickets?What tickets u got and explain about them?

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Hi IMP Question urgent & confusing. What is the main difference between OBA3(Tolerance group for Customers and Vendors) and OBA4(Tolerance group for Employees). OBA4 Means giving tolerance limit for the transactions to b posted by the employees.

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Hi What is the differenc between the Work Bench Request and the Customozation Request.

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How company can do bank reconciliation in SAP go live implementation time. they are is any special configuration in sap?

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Hi What is a STAGING CLIENT in our Land scape? a bit of confusion in this


Hi SAP Gurus Can any one explain me What is Bank Chain Determination? & How are we going 2 maintain Bank Chain for Partners?. I would appreciate a quick response from the experts. Thanks in advane

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Hi all.... Please explain to me... what G/L account should I maintain / create If I want to do the intercompany transfer asset - no revenue. and if I want to do the intercompany transfer asset - Net Book Value. What is the different between this 2 method. My company's requirement is ... 1. Transfering the asset on company A to company B, example Asset 1 - acquisition date : 01.06.2007 , acquisition amount : 1000, accumulated depreciation till 31.12.2007 : 10 so the net book value is 90, useful life 4 years the company wants to transfer this asset in company B. is it possible to transfer all the data just like I explain above : acquisition date : 01.06.2007 , acquisition amount : 1000, accumulated dep = 10



what is a Functional Spec?What updates do SAP FICO consultant do in Functional Spec?

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hi everybody How to transfer the amounts from one profit center to another profit center document wise . Through 9ke0 we can do line item wise but i want to transfer the amount particular document wise. syam

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What is the global company code currency?


How do you define number ranges in co? : co- general controlling


Dear experts can you please explain to me whether a vendor/customer master data have 2 different terms of payment in the company code segment and the purchasing organization/sales area segment simultaneously??


What is a posting period variant ?


What are the sub modules in sap financial accounting (fi) ?


What is the importance of good received/ invoice received clearing account?


Difference between structure and unstructured in MT940 In Bank reconciliation statement?


What do you understand by a line item? : cost center accounting


How many normal and special peroids can be there in a fiscal year? How do you open and close periods?


What are correspondence types in ar / ap?


What are posting keys? State the purpose of defining posting keys?


How to make control on vendor master data (bank account ) . We can validate the changes with transactions FK08 & FK09 in functional menu , but I need the path on Spro guide to customize the changes (bank accounts )


Explain the customer master record and list various segments in them.


What is a house bank? : fi- accounts receivable


What is a group currency?