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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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what is the partner process ?


in sales order in item level for 3 line items client want 3 diff. payment terms where we can configure? pls give the ans ASAP..........


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How to transfer a goods from one plant to another plant. what are customization has to do. urgent plz. thanks in advance

Cap Gemini,

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Pls explain about back order processing . thanks in advance.

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hi friends i am Manohar from hyderabad.i have recently completed MBA+SAP SD -now i am looking for a job-what is best way to get job? can get job as fresher? or with fake experience? i am in a confusion plz help how to approach companys or consultancy which can provide sap job? plzzzzzzzzzzz


what is mean by make to order and make to stock in availability check strategy group? what are the functionality in availability check?


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In how many ways a sap system can interact with third party system. please provide the details to understand well about interfaces


In material master what are all the client views and plant views, pls answer this question thanks in advance

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what are all the shipment activities.explain this process pls. its very urgent and what is t-code.

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how offen sand box server refresh?

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wt is your role in support project?and how will u get the request no. who will raise that no.and after resolving the ticket what is the next procedure?who will transfer that? please let me know the total scenario of support project?

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what is the difference between delivery document and scheduling?

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how is item category determined?

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what is the purpose of sales document types/


what is the difference between incompleate order and backorder processing?

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Explain what is condition types? What is the path to define condition type in sap for pricing?


What is partial delivery agreement?


What is difference between the header level condition and item level condition?


Which type of aptitude question


What is the difference between cash sales and rush order?


What exactly is automatic posting can you explain?


what is the use of delivery and billing documents header and item


When you create a credit memo request do you always have to refer to a sales order or any other previous document?


In R/3 we can represent a company's structure by defining and assigning corporate structure elements. What is the purpose of doing that?


Where do we can find pricing procedure indicator in sd ?


After setting up a batch job (schedule the backlog report) by T Code SM36, i am getting error mail from user saying that, the reports r not recieving to his mail box, can any one help me regading this, how to resolve? will be greate help.. Thanks


Hi friends. What is the test script. Pls explain me with example. And also what is the End user documentation. In this documentation what is the information are there. What is the use of it.


Give the transaction code for creating a customer in sap sd?


what is the difference between sap credit memo request and sap credit memo?


What is the purpose of the request number which is generated when you save a customization?