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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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what u mean by check point in the database of oracle& what return code 247 in TMS mean...


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how to assign a object to 100 roles at a time.

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hi... 1) i have 100 rfc connections on my target system. now i am performing system refresh..... do i recover all these connections using import export method or do i need to take screen shot of each rfc and create again after refresh. 2) if i delete any rfc in abap engine, do dis event writes into log if yes may i know how to check dis log file


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how to find the ip address of system on solaries at os level

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what is the function of garbage collector... can any one explain


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sappfprm is a command to see the profile parameter at os level, bt how to change the profile parameters at os level on unix

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What are the 2 systems in Solution Manager Landscape

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What is the difference between transactional rfc and regular rfc

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In my portal ABAP + JAVA I get a bootstrap error message how do I resolve this erroe

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How does portal communicate with the ABAP stack

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What is Listner?? How to get the status of the Listner?


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What is check point?? chkpt??


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what are the versions are used in sap? and what is the current using version? in upcoming version is sap?

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How to work with Transaction SMLG? How to configure Logon Groups in Application server?


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How to Start & Start Java at OS level (Windows)


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Post New SAP Basis Questions

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Do you know logon groups at which situation will be created logon group?


if i want to limit the condition record validity for forst 10 orders how can i do tht plz ans i hve interview in 2/3 days


Is there a difference between user ddic and sap_all/sap_new?


What is process for applying patches?


Example you have 6 sap application servers, I want to monitor all the application servers. How to configure a CCMS?


Where will u find transport error logs?


How to perform the transport?


How database extend?


How to analysis abap dumps?


Hi ,All What is the multi-threading and max connections for rfc. Actually i am facing problem while send large amount of idocs to external system using middle ware tibco r3 adapter. And how to enable these in SAP ?


In sap basis what are the different types of transport requests?


1)Have you used performance tuning? What major steps will you use for these? 2)In production what is the user exit? 3)What type of user exits have you written? 4)Difference between Search Helps and Match Codes 5)On which even we can validate the input fields in module progams? 6)what are the table controls in BDC ? 7)what is the difference between bdc and lsmw ? 8) If the scripts are client dependent, what above driver program ? (client dependent / independent) 9). I have two pages, In one page I want address, Header, Main & footer. In the second page I want only Main. How to do it? 10) Will 50,000 records be uploaded directly into APP's Server? 11) What is the button to change the variant in ALV ? 12) If your project is support project ? when is your implementation has completed ? 13)In start of selection, if we perform validation, what happens ? 12)How to join 3 tallies & looping. We have developed a program in a client say (200- client) and 210 has test data. No developing rights. How to test data? 13)How to transfer data which is coming from are report as output to another report 14)How to create standard text and how do u transfer it ? 15)What are the views when we are creating Material ?


How to check CPU usage in EP? If java path is down the how to do trouble shoot? What is the transport group? What is the SLD system in PI? How to take back up in EP? How to create logical system? Is it possible to change the name logical system in SSC4? How you will take the online Backup and incremental Backup? What is the backup strategy? How many application servers you have in Production System? Difference between oracle 9i and oracle 10g? What is EHP4? What is your enhancement package and support package? how to find RAM size on Unix? How to find OS level at command Prompt? While doing kernel upgrade what is exe files? What is client comparison? How to apply job on Os level? What are the recent challenges faced? How to apply support package in solution manager? Difference between SPDD/SPAU If SAP* is not working ? If job is slow? how you will trouble shoot? What are software files required for SAP 4.7?


I would like to know the version or name of SAP that is implemented in real time?


What are the tools to install java patches?