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SAP Basis Interview Questions
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Difference between mount point and file system


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What do will do in OS level monitoring


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what is the difference between db01 locks and sm12 locks?


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what are the pros and cons of auto extend of table spaces?



I've performed table space adjustment while doing a client copy in production i need to do that table space adjustment in my disaster recovery system as well?


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Where will you defind logon balancing, how would define and what strategy will you use?

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What happens if you restart the system, will you loose the trace file, or can you see?

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After client copy is table space and database sizes will be increased or not?

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where can i get the Dialog response time?


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How will monitor in CCMS


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how do you resolve abap short dumps?


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Hi there, Can any one suggest me a good SAP-BASIS training institute near Koramangala In Bangalore.

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Are you worked on EP? What are the activities are having related to Sap-basis can any one tell me what are the roles?and how will work on that one


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what is use of su10 and how to use this T-code can any one tell me your knowledge thanks in advance


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Why dont we apply patche like Transports? (DEV--->QA-->PRD)


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What is the importance of table t000?


List the types of transport requests?


can any send unix admin doc? if u have please send it to


I need to change the Company address parameters of a user. The path is SU01 -> -> Change - > Address Tab - > Display Icon in Company Address section. In the new screen, i see a preview section icon; on clicking which, I can change the parameters such as "Sending Country"; "Street/PO Box number" and number of lines in the resulting pop up. Here though i change the parameter "Street/PO Box number" field to 'S' ( Street has priority over PO Box), its changing again to 'P' (PO Box has priority over street) only. In the help section it is written that if we set the user parameter (tcode SU3) LND1 to the desired country we can control the user specific Sending Country with the desired value else it takes the Sending Country of the Company defined by default. But no such parameter has been given for Street/PO Box number so that we could change its value atleast there. Someone suggest me how to change the Street/PO Box number of the Address format for a user to the desired value.


Hi Shridher, Would you please send me an SAP CRM question and Answer to Thanks, siri


How to assign a mass Tables in Auth Group by using T-code:se54


How to identify a particular T_Code has been modified or not? If yes, how to identify who modified particular T_Code in current system?


Hi ,All What is the multi-threading and max connections for rfc. Actually i am facing problem while send large amount of idocs to external system using middle ware tibco r3 adapter. And how to enable these in SAP ?


How to deactivate IPC in standalone CRM.


What are the different types of job status? Can you unschedule an active job?


Can you tell me installation procedure of SAP on UNIX


How database extend?


Briefly explain a recent problem you faced, which u felt proud by solving that? And how will u solved?


What is the system's configuration required to implement SAP.


before doing client copy you have to adjust table space at os level.what is the single command for that?(with out going through all the menu of brtools)