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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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Has anybody got offer letter from sbi, kerala circle for clerical post?


who is the first individual gold medalist for india in olympics


If Indian government passes a rule that the people working under government sector & their respective family members must join in governmnet schools and colleges for their studies and in case of any health problems or emergency cases their respective family members must be admitted in government hospitals and will not be allowed in any many of them will to work unnder govenment sector


does an inspector in central excise get a gun at the joining time period?


i have completed BE (EEE)on 2012.i was worked in electrical engineer in pvt ltd company on 5 oct to 28 feb 2015 .i have experience certificate .i am eligible for c-license apply ?


i m steno selected candidate in incometax department in rajasthan. When i can become an inspector in this department ? Who are me subordinate and superior officers ? Can i know their designation ?

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Whether the college conduct certificate can be produced as character certificate for bank joining?



Is anyone give me a link where I can see the names and tenure of Financial secretary names who signature in 1 rupee Indian bank notes .. from 1st time to update. And new note re 1 published for ganerale public or for numismatic auction bizness center. 1 piece re 1 1500 inr price ,for whom it issue by government? No reply highly expected.



Constitution supports


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how and what to study for postal assistant exam

India Post, Prasad Group,


Tha redius gauge is also know as


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Does anyone know how much marks is given for poor performance in SBI clerical interview?

State Bank Of India SBI,


How much tds to be deducted when the 4th no. Of pan card is 'A', 'C', 'F' 'H', 'P' AND 'T'


the Indus valley people wore clothes made of: a)cotton b)silk c)cotton &wool d)animal skin

UPPCL, Vizag Steel,

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who organise the oath of office and secrecy of president of India


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how to aply for drug inspectors exam 2010?


hi i'm caiied for uiic administrative officer interview[mbbs,medical person], what kind questions will ask in this interview, please kindly help me


My Name Is Surendra Kumar Meena,When declared Informatics Assistant Result By RPSC Plz Send Me answer on my E-mail:-


hello friends.....dis is gargi from kolkata....when will the result publish???do u have any idea?


why you applied for crpf.


Hi my name is srinivas.I am preparing for the post of Junior Assistant in APNPDCL. Please suggest books for Junior assistant post in APNPDCL which is going to be announced shortly... Thanks in advance...


i want to know about the bank exam details with the eligibility of 12th standard


Sir, this is Ravikanth, I have got through the written test conducted by APSRTC for Officer under trainee (OUT-Gen), im now preparing for the Interview. Kindly help me with the kind of questions that can b expected in the interview. Heres a brief about myself. (im providing this b'cos questions asked are totaly based upon my bio data, i guess.) Im B.Tech Graduate, MBA with Marketing specialisation. I have 2+ years of experience in marketing. Kindly help me with kind of questions expected for the above mentioned post. Thank you.


what do you know about in this company


when drug inspector exam will be conducted in 2014 in tamil Nadu.


i appeared in the interview of cabinet secreatariat DFO tele in shillong in feb 2013.Still now i haven't got any information about the result. Has anyone got the police verification


can you please give me some of the interview questions asked in kerala high court asst post?


how can i prepare for ceptam 03,my subject is textile , which books shd i refer


what is the limited age to become cheif justice of india


What is the gross salary of newly appointed po in sbi bank ?