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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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If you were made the prime minister of India what will you do regarding Pakistan Issue ?


what your view about-raging ??


what your view about-ill discipline ??


what your view about-respect of elders ??


what your view about-corruption ??


what your view about-moral values ??


what do you do when you get two different


sir im selected for sbi clericle interview but wrongly i fill obc catagory by mistake and im belongs to gen. catagory m i eligible for interview

State Bank Of India SBI,


Whether birth registration is mandatory to avail paternity leave for central government employee?

IR Consulting,


I am a graduate in Bsc Fashion technology. So, am I eligible for CTET exam. Please  Reply soon


hi..i got selected for postal assistant..would i get a call letter for certificate verification or should i directly approach the regional head office with certificates?


first  prime minister of india

1 2048

Nenu hindi madyama visharadha .alahabad passed nenu ts dsc ki eligibility kadha


why you want to join banking sector after b pharma and how you can be beneficial of that organization?


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why larkana development athourity does not issue service books and the outstanding salaries of its Employees? what The Ministry is doing?


What is the role and resposibilty of thr Deputy field offcer (General) in cabinet secretariat


when is open first parrilimentary of india


hi.this is neelam.i cleared nov sbi clerk exam.can any1 pls tell me wat kind of ques r asked in interview.pls mail me sample questions with email id is


what is the work of MTS in esic and its per month salary.


Iam recently selected for a central govt job. I dont have valid 12th std mark sheet certificate and individual college semester marksheets. However, i have 10th certificate, 12th attested copy marksheet from govt school HOD, college degree, overall marksheet.Can I join without any issue? If not what should I do to join?


I got selected in Department of Posts,India as sorting assistant in RMS. I am MA rank holder and got research grant from state govt funding agency . will i get a loss of pay long leave from department of posts or do i have to resign? thanks sabu


Whether the college conduct certificate can be produced as character certificate for bank joining?


May I know where I can get all the entrance exam papers for the AP Transco and GENCO examination? I want the Entrance examination papers and the Interview question papers. Also please let me know the process of recruitment.. Please please..Help me finding the papers.. Please write to me at or


What is the role and resposibilty of thr Assistant (General) in cabinet secretariat


I want filing online ER3 but i can't understand what is notification no & Sr. No on home clearance & Export LUT & SEX LUT so please tell me above no.


is there is any canteen facility for department of post employees .. and what is the grade pay?


hi every one this is shivaji , i have written apgvb clerk exm on 17.4.11 let me clear one doubt i forgot to write the form number on OMR sheet .is there any problem with that.please tel me if anyone know about this just farward to my mail id ( .weighting for your reply


Is education leave,Medical Leave etc., is available for Bank Clerks ?


Wat is SAS in CGDA? its grade pay and fututre prospect?how long one can goin hierarchy after clearing this exam? plz give all the info related to SAS.