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Government AllOther Interview Questions
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what is the difference between general police and commissionerate police?



what should i prepare for an airport authority of India's interview for Manager Finance post? I have interview in next week. so, Please help me out.

AAI Airports Authority Of India,


The efficiency of a mother is 3 times to her daughter. If daughter completes a piece of work in 15 days, how long will it take for both mother and daughter to complete the same work? 1. 13/4 2. 15/4 3. 17/4 4. 19/4


I want to know the total number of all type bank & branches present in india & Total Number of ATm Present in india


I working in Central government autonomous as a staff car driver, can I change my profile. How can I change my cadre. Is there any rule to change my post through DPC or direct recruitment.


The driving force in an ecosystem is which of the following A .carbohydrate B.biomasss C.ATP energy

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Indian army recruitment results hyderabad 2017

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Indian army results hyderabad 2017

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Indian army ta (gd) result delhi 2017

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can anyone provide me deputy field officer paper tele.....pls help


Iam recently selected for a central govt job. I dont have valid 12th std mark sheet certificate and individual college semester marksheets. However, i have 10th certificate, 12th attested copy marksheet from govt school HOD, college degree, overall marksheet.Can I join without any issue? If not what should I do to join?


What type of question asked in bank po interview?


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Which one of the following is not a part of transformer installation


6 8(7_8)℅=?


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sample question for drdr technical assistant


hi i am appiaring asst motor vehicle inspector.if you have any model question papers,plz share with 9566167527


Dear sir, Let me now how to calculate service tax & TDS on rent.


what is special constitutional position of Jammu and Kashmir


If my company tds deducted by party then how i collect money from government


hi.this is neelam.i cleared nov sbi clerk exam.can any1 pls tell me wat kind of ques r asked in interview.pls mail me sample questions with email id is


please contribute sample question papers for the post of railway section engineer


how to prdpare for road & building department(pwd)exam?for additional asst.engg.eleatrical.


tnpsc----sir, i am studying engg final year. i want to know the pass mark for tnpsc for st in prelims and main.if i get pass mark will i able to get into it or many student would be selected for main paper in st main they would select me if get pass mark or not, kindly pls help me. i m in confused state to write exam or not.pls ref and tell me


What will be my monthly salary in state government if my pay scale is Rs.9300-34800+ Grade PayRs.4800. kindly relply here or mail to


what is the gross monthly salary of court assistant in gujarat vadodara with pay scal 5200-20000 grade pay 1900


Sir, this is Ravikanth, I have got through the written test conducted by APSRTC for Officer under trainee (OUT-Gen), im now preparing for the Interview. Kindly help me with the kind of questions that can b expected in the interview. Heres a brief about myself. (im providing this b'cos questions asked are totaly based upon my bio data, i guess.) Im B.Tech Graduate, MBA with Marketing specialisation. I have 2+ years of experience in marketing. Kindly help me with kind of questions expected for the above mentioned post. Thank you.


can you tell me little about yourself


can you please give me some of the interview questions asked in kerala high court asst post?


When the sorting assistant training begins?