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where we give the MSGSFL in rpg400?

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where we give the MSGSFL in rpg400?..

Answer / renjith

The message sufile is using for getting the messages on
subfile. If there atre multiple messages, message field
will show the first message and + sign and when we press
page down we can see the remaining msgs.

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where we give the MSGSFL in rpg400?..

Answer / svanky

you will not declare/give your MSGSFL in the RPG pgm.
It will be declared(or more precisely included) in the DSPF, at the bottom; used by your RPG program.

Search for sp. K/words like SFLMSGRCD, SFLMSGKEY, SFLPGMQ in the DSPF; that's your MSG Subfile.

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where we give the MSGSFL in rpg400?..

Answer / venkatrao

we can declared in Message Subfile

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where we give the MSGSFL in rpg400?..

Answer / surya siram

We can create a message sub-file (MSGSFL) in display file, if you want to display multiple messages at a time on the screen.

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