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RPG400 Interview Questions
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how to display all the members records in a physical file without using ovrdbf?

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suppose if we want to update the data in cl what we will do?

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if i have three programs progA,progB and progC .now i call progB from progA. but the progB does not exist . now i want to call progC instead of starting dump. how can we achieve this.

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wat is the difference between array and multiple occurence data structure?

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wat is scan and check ? give me real time scenarios where we used these keywords in ur projects?

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wat is the difference between dataarea and data queue?

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wat is meant by hidden field , why it is used?

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i'm working on progA , in that program i want to see the userids of the users who work on this program?

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How we will read call stack?

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How can we access Interactive job LDA in Batch Job?. and How we can access a file in interactive QTEMP lib in Batch job?.


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RPG/400 faqs?


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what is plat file?

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what is the difference between the cpyf command crtdupobj command?


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1) How to retrieve RRN through RPG ? 2) How to pass parameter by value ? 3) How to trap the error through the RPG/400

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difference betwen keywords and opcodes

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can anybody help me to solve this problem. the program that i m checking display error message saying "Record format for file AJDSPFFD does not match model file and decimal error. how to solve this problem. The AJDSPFFD is snapshot the AJTLOG that is the audit trail list.


How can we override a file during runtime in rpg?


how do I play {insert rpg system here}?


Hi Viewers can any body explain me how to update and ahange the already existed data in physical file using subfile ? please explain me with the code if possible?




How would display prime numbers using CL program?


What are the types of identifiers?


which program rpg or cl is efficent to update a transaction onto a database file and why ?


what are the key words you must use when using a subfile?


Q:HI friends accually ihave one problem plesase let me know the alternate code of this code. Related field description of code: Add a field, CALvsPRD, "Calendar Day Starts Before/After Production Day" to the parameter set WRKORDER which accepts values 'A' or 'B' o B = Calendar Day Starts Before Production Day o A = Calendar Day Starts After Production Day o Any other value indicates the production and calendar dates are always the same. code: Automatic Execution Of *INZSR Subroutine /Z01 * retrieves WRKORDER field values. /Z01 * Calculate default Production Date and return it to caller. /Z01 * Production date defaults to system date /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate = %DATE() /Z01 * unless Calendar date starts Before PDN(production) date and /Z01 * system time is before PDN Start Time then /Z01 * PDN date is yesterday. /Z01 C If W@CALvsPRD = 'B' and /Z01 C %TIME() < %TIME (W@Strtime) /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate -= %Day(1) /Z01 * unless Calendar date starts After PDN date and /Z01 * system time is *GE PDN(production) Start Time then /Z01 * PDN date is tomorrow. /Z01 C ElseIf W@CALvsPRD = 'A' and W@Strtime > *Zero and /Z01 C %TIME() >= %TIME (W@STrtime) /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate += %Day(1) /Z01 C EndIf /Z01 C Eval *InLr = *On


How to handle duplicate error handling in RPG?


how do I declare a table or array in rpg iv?


How to create a login screen using a command instead of display file.... intention is to get a password field on a command..... how do you achieve this...


explain sflclr, sflend, sfldlt, and sflcsrrrn?


what is a rpg?