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RPG400 Interview Questions
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steps involved in debugging and types of debugging modes?

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steps for debugging two rpg programs????

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How to change the name of physical members Dynamically?

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Setps to create .csv file on IFS folder in AS/400( V4R3)....?


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Anyone help me for the below question:- If problem/error occur in *PSSR subroutine,how should I handel it in RPG program.

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Please help me, I have created window subfile,I have created Footer with same lengh and postion of window SFL. When I call the pgm, first is shows only Footer and then it shows subfile records.This time Footer is not showsing ..plz hel me how can i do it...? Sameple DDS and RPG: A R WIN1 SFL A*%%TS SD 20090130 165346 MUNSHIJ REL-V4R2M0 5769- PW1 A FLD001 1Y 0B 4 3EDTCDE (Z) A ATFILE R O 4 7REFFLD (QWHFDBAS/ATFILE LIB/LIBF- A ILE) A R WINCTL SFLCTL (WIN1) A*%%TS SD 20090202 123459 MUNSHIJ REL-V4R2M0 5769- PW1 A ALTNAME ('y') A SFLSIZ (0004) A SFLPAG (0004) A WINDOW (FOOTER) A ROLLUP (27) A ROLLDOWN (28) A CF12 (12 'Cancel') A 50 SFLDSP A N51 SFLDSPCTL A 51 SFLCLR A 1 2'Select Option,Press enter' A 2 3'1= Select' A R FOOTER A* A WINDOW(8 31 9 43) A 8 4'F12 = Cancel' A R DUMMY ASSUME A 24 10' ' in RPG: Dow *IN12 = *Off Write Footer Fxfmt WInCTL

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parameters cannot be passed in which one??


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in which journalling which attributes are necessary


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what is post opcode do


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how do u find whether a record is locked or not??


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3 members in databasefile .how to read records from all the members??


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3 members in a databasefile .how to read records from all the members?????????


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two attributes which govern the excecution of a job>>>>??


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two types of read performed in dataqueue?????


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how do u track msg in cl pgm???


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can any one help in hawkeye and turnover or any change management system plzzzzz or send the documents to my mail id


are there any useful c runtime apis that I can call from rpg iv?


write an RPG program to calculate the marks of 5 students (A,B, C, D, E)in 3 different subjects (eng, math, sci) an display on the screen


how do I do concatenation in rpg iv, like I do in cl?


A rpg or clp command to find if the file field is defined as a character or numeric field.


what is the rpg system?


how can I tell when to replace the array?


what is a rpg?


We have job which is running as batch. It takes atleast 06 hours to complete tht job. But I wanna do tht job with in 3 hours?


How to write record if no field or the field are different in physical file in rpgle ?


How to call one program from another program in RPG? please help me with the code


what is the use of sflnxtchg?


Please tell me how to read the records from a file with load an array of size with error conditions(The logic answer for this question is ARR is array of 99 elements Z-ADD 0 IDX *LOVAL SETLL FILE READ FILE 99 *IN99 DOWEQ *OFF IDX ANDLT 99 ADD 1 IDX MOVE FIELD ARR,IDX READ FILE 99 ENDDO).So,Please give me the complete of this code.


How to create a login screen using a command instead of display file.... intention is to get a password field on a command..... how do you achieve this...


which program rpg or cl is efficent to update a transaction onto a database file and why ?