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wat is meant by hidden field , why it is used?

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wat is meant by hidden field , why it is used?..

Answer / afnas

In Hidden field user cant be modified.The difference
between hidden field and non display field is that in non
display user can do modification and cursor will point to
that hidden field cursor will not point.Hidden
field declared type as H.Normally hidden filed is used to
return the value of RTNCSRLOC(Return cursor Location),CSRLOC
(Cursor Location)function.

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wat is meant by hidden field , why it is used?..

Answer / deepak

hidden field can not be modified by user.It can only be
midifile by program. It is widely user in Subfile.

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wat is meant by hidden field , why it is used?..

Answer / amit

Hidden fields are defined by there datatype as H in display file. They take the size which you have defined for it. They exist on display file but only used to store some hidden values like RRN in kind subfile record.

Non Display fields are also regular fields from the program. There editcode is Non Display(ND). It is used for hiding a password.

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wat is meant by hidden field , why it is used?..

Answer /

hidden field is mostly security for the pc can
mostly modified by the user.

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