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How to Convert Hex color code to color name in VB Script?


how to find number of characters(letter a) in the sentence Rain Rain Go away

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Hai this is sheik, i want to learn VB scripts for web application pls guide me what are all basic things need to know to learn VB scripts in web application.


create a form to accept username and password validate the username and password with using message box, display the corresponding user message



input values to accept 2 numbers & print the product, difference and sum using switch case


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hai..friends ....what is the difference between function and sub procedure ....here every one know's theoretically here my question is what is the meaning of function can return the value and sub can't return the value...can you give one example with some values for that ....what does it mean ? how function can return the value...sub can not...any one please...........with example

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How to get 120 using 5 zeroes, you can use any operator(+, *, /...) in qtp.


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if there is any string in a given format like as "company name employeecode date" then we have to fetch employeecode form string for ex-string is "capgemini12345june2013" then we have to fetch 12345 by using vb script so guys how can we do that please reply it.

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How to remove the spaces in a string Ex: "Welcome to QTPWorld" ?

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what does create object actually do when you call it in vbscript?

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what is the use of QCUtil? explain with one example?

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Check whether given Number is Even or Odd?


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w r p syed then output was deys and click eysd and click ysde and click sdey and click deys and click eysd............

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write a script to count no drives in file systems in qtp?

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How to pass the parameter from one function to another function in VB Scripting?


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Anyone have qtp11.0 crack?


Write program for identifyig duplicates in flight Departing from and Arriving in mercury tours(web application).


1. How to handle object implementation change in DP for Ex: i have login page with username,pasword (editboxes),login,cancel(buttons). Here i written DP code for login page with the help properties. My questions: 1.If properites are changing dynamically i will do (i want code for that) 2.if objects are changed dynamcally i will do (i wnat code for that)




How to Convert Hex color code to color name in VB Script?


How to add actions in driver script to run those actions in QTP?


Give me sm ideas to write Vbscripts abt protocol testing abilash700@gmail.com.


Can any one provide code for Mid(string,start[,length]). I have been asked to write code for Mid(). i.e We need to define our own function say MyMid() which should behave same like built-in Mid function


Develop a parameterized action that accomplishes the following a. Launch a browser of users choice ( example : IE, chrome etc) b. Open up a search engine (Google, Bing etc) c. Perform a search d. Click a particular link depending on the user’s choice ( 1st , 2nd or third link)


Hi Friends Rajendra this is bhavani prasad, iam working Hyderabad. i faced one problem with qtp recording mode i.e in my application there is 100 records first we click the first record that record will be jumped to next session and 99 records will there stop the recording and run the same script .Run this script qtp does not identify the records. So plz tell me what is the solution.


Program to use input box and send even numbers into sheet1 and odd numbers into sheet2 and prime numbers into sheet3 using vbscript(QTP)?


give me any information abou vb script books learn quckly


after medical test,when will be the police verification


filter the array values without using filter function?


How do i automate a website www.flyashx.com without having any test cases witin a week time.