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VB Script Interview Questions
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what is inner join? what is outer join? what is a constraint? tell me about rdbms? tell me about acid properties?



can u test the application without add-in?

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why do u choose to go for testing why cant for devoloping


Can anybody code this problem for me in VB script - Create an array of 4 elements, increase its size to 7 elements and then find out which of the elements are prime (use functions)

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write a qtp script to count the number of minimized windows

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Am working with web application. i faced one senario. i.e, webpage having webtable having two coloumns, in that first coloumn is for serial no and second coloumn is for mac address link, now i want to get first row second coloumn value, that having macaddress as link. Please help me how to get that link?

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who will create the object?



1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 how to find using vbscripting

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how to retrieve native property value in runtime?


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How to get path of the file through scripting?


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int a=4857 i need output as 7584.without using any inbuild function?


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what is diff b/n these 2 programs 1) for i=5 to 1 step 2 msgbox "pass" next 2_) for i=5 to 1 step -2 msgbox "pass" next


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write generic functions for webapplication?like generic function for webedit generic function for webbutton generic function for links

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about vb scripting programs this type of all question& answers


Hi I am having one folder with set of text files now i want to read and write that text files data into QTP. Any help plsss.

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How will you get a subset of a array in vbscript?


How will you get the smallest subscript of an array in vbscript?


Hellow friends, I am learning QTP,but here problem is VB script. please guide me how to learn VB script w.r.t QTP and if you know any books tell me or if you have any materials or any use full material or any else w.r.t QTP please post me p.p.sekhar


Which conditional statement is the most convenient one to use in the case of multiple conditions in the vbscript language?


How to make professional test report using vbscript code in UFT, which gives us complete analysis of the test.


Which function is used in the vbscript language to convert the specified expression into a date type value?


who will create the object?


What is the use of option explicit statement?


What are string functions in vbscript?


How to write VB script for login module?


hi Set myobj=Description.Create() myobj("type").value="submit" myobj("name").value="google search" myobj("html tag").value="button" browser("title:=google").page("title:=google").webButton (myobj).Click i was running above code in one weak back it was working fine i got result,again i opened after few days ,again i was trying to run the code it shows run time error in last line of my code ,why ?pls answer my question?


What are lbound and ubound in the vbscript language?


What is the technology used by vb script?


Explain some uses of vb script?


what is resorceallocation