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JCL Interview Questions
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Hi Guyz, My requirement is to empty out a PS file but not to delete. How would I do that. Is there any Utility. If any other way, plz answer. Thanks.

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How to test thru JCL if any file(PS or VSAM) is empty or not. I do not want to use any COBOL prog or Ezytrieve and want to do using utility.

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what is check pending option


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if we are specifing joblib as well as steplib in job then at the time of execution how the process will complete

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Suppose there r total 10 steps. Out of which i want to execute only the 7th step. How can i do that....????

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Suppose there r 10 steps . Out fo which i want to execute 10th, 9th and 8th in reverse order without using IEBEDIT. How can i do that..???


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how will be submit 1 jcl by other jcl? means that how 'll submit one job by other job??


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Can we create VSAM file by using IEBGENER?

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How can we execute only one step in a job

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if we give TIME=0 how many sec that job/step

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In a single step if input file is present then only need to copy into output file or else need to through a RC is it possible. Note : i want it in a single step

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Hi, My dataset have multiple records, say 100. I want to start copy records only after a record contain a specific value that may be in a specific position. Secondly I want to stop copying rest records if certain record contains a specific value. Can it be done using SORT/ICETOOL utilities?


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if we give TIME=0 how many sec that job/step

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Can there be 2 job statements in a JCL? If yes what is the purpose of doing tha?

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with out sorting how to copy records from one file to another file using jcl.Mean I have one input file in which the record are like 1,6,5,4,2,3(for example) and i want to copy to output file from top to bottom(without sorting) like 3,2,4,5,6, I want the JCL for this.cna any one can answers?


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I have a job called careerride and some steps in it as step1,step2. But I want to execute step2 before step1 ? How do I do that?


What are the 2 types of parameters in dd statement?


If a (+1) generation dataset is created in the first step of a job, how can it be referenced in later steps of the same job for input?


a jcl has 2 steps. How to code the jcl such that if step1 abends, then step2 runs. Else, job terminates with step1?


How can unused space allocation be returned to the system when a dataset is closed?


I have mainpgm(abc) this is the only cobol pgm(non-db2).And this pgm calling subpgm name "acd" this also only cobol(non- Db)and this pgm calling some other subpgm this pgm has cobol-db2 pgm. 1) IF you calling static mode how to run and how to compile? 2) IF you calling dynamic mode how to run and how to compile? plz suggestion me.


Explain the purpose of dd dummy statement?


what is DSN in JCL and what are the parameters to declare the DSN?


What are the jcl procedures?


What do we mean by 'Virtual storage' for a dataset and for a JOBSTEP ? What is the significance of the following statement for a programmer 'Virtual storage results in program addresses being independent of the addresses that actually exist in a computer' ?


Is automatic restart possible in jcl?


Name a few IBM utility programs, and explain its function.


What is condition checking in jcl? Is this possible?


I had Records in file Like this Company Code IBM 2 IBM 1 IBM 4 WIPRO 3 WIPRO 2 WIPRO 9 TCS 4 TCS 6 TCS 3 i want the record of every company with highest code How can i do that?


What are the rules employed while naming the steps in a job?