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JCL Interview Questions
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what is the general use of PARM? Give an explanation about the system defined parameters that could be passed through this PARM like XREF,LIST,LET,APOST,RENT etc..


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why jobstep can't be more than 255 and for GDG has max limit 255 . Is there any relation between the two

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If a jcl has just 1 step and the input file to this does not exist, then what will happen if we submit this job?

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common jcl abends??

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if you have big pgm. during compilation is abends with (soc7)how do you know which line has soc 7 error.


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How to send notification to multiple users through jcl???

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how to create a member or sequential dataset through tso command??

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If a field is declared as a comp-3 field and if we want to sort a dataset based on this field, then how will the sort card be??? e.g- if we want to sort by a field which is defined as a PIC X(5) then we will mention - sort fields=(1,5,ch,a). Likewise if a field is defined as PIC S9(10)COMP-3 then in this case how will the sort field be defined (because in this case a sign is also involved)???

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1.How to check for the errors using TYPRUN=SCAN?What will be the output if we give TYPRUN=SCAN?

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IN-STREAM DATA NOT ALLOWED IN PROC how can come out from this problem

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How to execute 300 steps in a Job?

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Can a job have only steplib and no joblib ?

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Is it possible to take a PDS and write it to a GDG? If so, can you provide an example? Thanx

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how to have variable length record in outrec..i have the requmt as follows.. i/p file variable lenght record output file : i need to alter the input and write into outrec(another file) sort fields: copy from(dd1) using ctl1 ctl1cntl dd * outfil fnames=xxx, outrec=(1,131) here i outrec is bombing with to overcome this defect...???

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Suppose I have Five Steps in PROC In this Case I want to Execute third Step in PROC using Main JCL don't use any COND Explain with Coding Thanks & Regards SHREE

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what is a jcl?


In order to continue a job after a return code of 12 in step1, what the step2 exec statement include?


What do you understand by jcl?


How can return codes be tested before execution of a job step?


by using cond parameter maximum 8 cond can be coded in single cond means ?explain


How is the record format of an output dataset specified?


Explain dd statement in jcl?


How to override a dsn that is contained in a proc called by another proc? I need to do the override in the calling jcl?


Name the parameters which can be used to limit the number of records written to a sysout dataset?


When space is allocated for an output dataset, what units can be used?


Is it possible to code instream data in a PROC?


What is the significance of addrspc parameter in the exec statement?


When The Define Jcl Is Not Available, How Can You Get Information About A Vsam File's Organisation ?


How can a job send a status message to a tso user at the completion of a job?


What statement marks the beginning of a job step; assigns a name to the step; identifies the program or catalogued or in-stream procedure to be executed in the step?