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Ab Initio Interview Questions
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Can some tell me at which level pdl gets resolved when parameters are resolved in abinitio? Also what happens in dml evaluation during parameter evaluation ?


Whenever we load data into oracle table from staging table using exchange partition...then I read somewhere that data actually doesn't move in this and this command only reset the pointer in the data if data doesn't move then how data is loaded into the main table ? I mean wat is the point of pointer update in data dictionary?


What is the return type of lookup_not_loaded() ? Does it return 0 or 1 to signify true or false or does it return index ...can someone please explain.


How can we increase the loading performance of oracle table in AbInitio?


What happens when we provide null key to sort, merge and pbks in Abinitio ?


Input Data: AAABBBCC CCAAABB expected output A3B3C2 A3B2C2 How can I achieve this in Ab initio? where In output count of occurrences should be sorted from high to low


Input A 100 NUll A NUll 200 B 100 Null B Null 300 Output A 100 200 B 100 300 Do this using Ab initio


What will be the output of using partition by Round-Robin after the partiton by key in ab initio?

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What will be the skew for, input file->partition by key-> partition by round robin->output file


what is the output when -1 is put in select_expr of FBE?


How to replace last 4 digits of an input column with XXXX given input column has 12 digits?


Code check-in and check-out commands in AbInitio


Given input file with single column having 1 2 2 4 3 .. Required output 1 2 2 4 4 4 4 3 3 3.. How?


How to process records in batches like 1-20 records in first execution and 21-40 records in second run.. so on


How to convert a single column values 1 2 3 4 to single row of 4 columns ? And vice-versa


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Why might you create a stored procedure with the with recompile option?


What is the difference between look-up file and look-up, with a relevant example?


List out some of the air commands used in abintio?


What you can store, manage and reuse centrally in ab initio enterprise meta>environment (eme)?


What will be the skew for, input file->partition by key-> partition by round robin->output file


What do you understand by overflow errors?


Can you explain data flow graph with an example?


can any one help me now i am learning AB Inito but i don't have material and pdf's can any one provide pdf's to this mail id thanks in advance...................................


What will be the output when a file with 0 records is connected as input to a reformat and an output file? Note that in reformat we have assigned hardcoded values to output columns.


Mention what dedup-component and replicate component does?


Have you used the rollup component? Describe how?


The methods to improve performance of a graph?


Can someone tell me the behaviour of next_in_sequence() and innovation_number() in a multifile. Suppose I have records 1,1,1,2,2,3,4,4 in a 4ways mfs file. Data in each partition is: 0th : 1,1,1 1st : 2,2 3rd : 3 4th : 4,4 What will be the sequence of these records if I pass next_in_sequence() and innovation_number() ? Also how can I extract 3rd record from each of the 4 partitions of a 4way multifile through AbInitio? In unix we can use m_dump


Mention what the difference between “look-up” file and “look is up” in abinitio?


What is data encoding?