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Ab Initio Interview Questions
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Can some tell me at which level pdl gets resolved when parameters are resolved in abinitio? Also what happens in dml evaluation during parameter evaluation ?


Whenever we load data into oracle table from staging table using exchange partition...then I read somewhere that data actually doesn't move in this and this command only reset the pointer in the data if data doesn't move then how data is loaded into the main table ? I mean wat is the point of pointer update in data dictionary?


What is the return type of lookup_not_loaded() ? Does it return 0 or 1 to signify true or false or does it return index ...can someone please explain.


How can we increase the loading performance of oracle table in AbInitio?


What happens when we provide null key to sort, merge and pbks in Abinitio ?


Input Data: AAABBBCC CCAAABB expected output A3B3C2 A3B2C2 How can I achieve this in Ab initio? where In output count of occurrences should be sorted from high to low


Input A 100 NUll A NUll 200 B 100 Null B Null 300 Output A 100 200 B 100 300 Do this using Ab initio


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What is the purpose of having stored procedures in a data-based?


What is a cursor? Within a cursor, how would you update fields on the row just fetched?


What are the benefits of data analyzing?


i have a scenario where i need to change the value of a sort order in my sort component whether ascending or descending depend on some input value... e.g if input_val = A then sort order should be ascending else descending I have to use PDL in this... Can you please tell me where do i have to make this change and how ?


What are differences between different versions of co-op?


Explain data flow graph with an example?


What are the different types of parallelism in ab initio?


What you can store, manage and reuse centrally in ab initio enterprise meta>environment (eme)?


What is a rollup component?


What information is provided by .dbc file extension for connecting to the database?


What is the syntax for m_dump in abinitio?


Pdl with an example?


How to move or copy the project parameter or project object to my sandbox?


What are the operations that support avoiding duplicate record?


What are the factors on which storage of data depends?