what is the difference between .dbc and .cfg file?

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what is the difference between .dbc and .cfg file? ..

Answer / nag

.dbc is used establish the connection between data base
server and Abinitio server.

.cfg file:Where all the enveroniment variables are declared
in order to the application and to support the multi

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what is the difference between .dbc and .cfg file? ..

Answer / riman bhaumik

.cfg - > Database table configuration files for use with
2.1 Database components

.dbc -> Database configuration files

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what is the difference between .dbc and .cfg file? ..

Answer / ravi k

.dbc file is used for internal sources which are used in the project and which are configured like oracle, DB2 etc.

.cfg file is used for External sourecs like Hadoop, SAS etc. which are not configured in the system.

Both are the same when we are using same source

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