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Informatica Interview Questions
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What is hash partition?

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What happens if you increase commit intervals and also decrease commitExplain grouped cross tab?

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What is the filename which you need to configure in UNIX while installing infromatica?


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If you have 10 mappings designed and you need to implement some chages (may be in existing mapping or new mapping need to be designed) then how much time it takes from easier to complex?

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Want to know about Training Centres for Informatica, Cognos and ETL Softwares in Mumbai, India.

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why do u use shortcuts in informatica.?


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how do u move the code from development to production?

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what is confirmed dimension?

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Kimball and Inmon methodologies?

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star and snowflake schema?

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surrogate keys usage in Oracle and Informatica?

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scd methodology?

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version controlling in informatica?

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what r the values tht r passed between informatics server and stored procedure?

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what is parallel querying and what r hints.

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Un-Answered Questions { Informatica }

Enlist the various types of transformations.


Why do we need informatica?


What is the surrogate key?


Why union transformation is an active transformation?


I have three same source structure tables. But, I want to load into single target table. How do I do this? Explain in detail through mapping flow.


Explain the different kinds of facts.


How we can use union transformation?


What is decode in static cache?


What is workflow? What are the components of the workflow manager?


How to create different types of slowly changing dimensions (SCD) in informatica using the mapping wizard?


what are the deliverables?in your project?


What is an expression transformation in informatica?


What is standalone command task?


In development project what is the process to follow for an etl developer from day1


What is meant by query override?