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Informatica Interview Questions
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what happens when a batch fails?

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connected and unconnected lookups?

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what is scd?

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what are surrogate keys?

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how do u tune queries?

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what is metadata?

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Hi all, iam new to informatica, can anyone tell me what is unit testing & how it is done? thank u

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what is the difference between onsite & client site?

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we have a parameter file in Unix location where we have .txt files and those file will be used as source in informatica. I cannot use source file name directly as file name will keep on changing in unix location. I need to define $$InputFile as parameter. Can anybody send me the parameter file and the steps to handle this.

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how the server recognises , if the session fails after loading the 100 records in to the target


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i have different sources in different databases ,that sources may be 100 tables i want to load these tables in to single target how to pearform the task

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if the session fails after 100 records agian we have to starts the session or we go for recovery session


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How do you take care of security using a repository manager

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Can you use one mapping to populate two tables in different schemas

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What are differences between Informatica 7.1 and 6.1

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hi real timers . iam waiting for ur reply regarding ETL TESTING


What are the different tools in workflow manager?


Name the different lookup cache(s)?


Partition, what happens if the specified key range is shorter and longer


Can we use the mapping parameters or variables created in one mapping into any other reusable transformation?


What is difference between a gateway node and worker node?


why we are using level option in normalizer transformation


How to generate sequence numbers?


WHat all joins are there in Source Qualifier?


Different qualification between a related rotate toward the sky and isolates look upward?


Can any one give me a real time example for FACT TABLE & DIMENSIONAL TABLE?


What is joiner transformation in informatica?


How can we use mapping variables in informatica? Where do we use them?


What is update strategy transform?


I have two different source structure tables, but I want to load into single target table? How do I go about it? Explain in detail through mapping flow.