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Cognos Interview Questions
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How can you schedule the report that it displays a day old data. (My answer was to create a view, but the lady wanted some other method).

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You get a parsing error when you run a report. What will be your first steps to resolve the error?

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my cient has reports in java and the dw mart is there already, whether you will suggest for Cognos reports ?


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Main Differnce between Cognos7 and Cognos8


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I need your kind support. I have more than 6yrs of exp in s/w industry. I have worked on some DW technologies which are out dated. For almost 1 year I was on bench.During this bench period I learnt cognos on my own using online docs. Hence I am alligned to a project few months ago to work on cognos. Unfortunately after joining this project I did not get opportunity to work on cognos. I am working on different things apart from cognos. I should get job in another company. Otherwise I am gone. I am confident enough to get job on Cognos in another company. Please let me know is it possible to work on Cognos at lead position (as my current position is at lead level) without having real time experience. Your response is highly appreciated and I will be grateful to you. Thanks in advance Ganesh

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1. What is stiched Query 2. What is loop in Fm 3. Best practices in modeling in FM 4. Three types of SQL 5. Difference between pass-thro and native sql? 6. will usage of pass thro sql will improve the performance? 7. Complex problems fced in your project 8. performance tuning in reports


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How will u execute a stored procedute from a reportstudio

Cap Gemini,

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How can we change any header or footer for a group of reports

Satyam, Tech Mahindra,

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Can we create 2 conditions in report expression of a single data item..Eg: I added 2 new dataitems each one should show revenue for Q1 and Q2..Pls advice


Can any one help me by ansewring this question:-What are the errors encountered while executing your reports?(Depending on your own experiences) Thanks in advance.


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Hi I have Most updated Cognos dumps like COG-112(ReportAuthor),COG-122(Admin),COG-132(Meta Data Modeller). 100%score Gurantee. If anyone intrested mail me on

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1.Can we use 2 packages in report studio at a time is there any alternative for this? 2. What are Star Dimensions and Star Facts? 3.What are dimensions and facts in project ? 4.What is difference between 3 NF and Star Schema ? 5. What Is Data Modelling? 6. How much time do u need to create a report ,if u have four dimensions and 1 fact ? 7. How do u create a Model ? 8. How do u connect a Parameter in a list ,such a way it has to show relative objects in Cross tab ? 9. To display region list in separate pages ,how do u do ?

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How do I remove the hyperlink from the drill through report?


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what are all the versions of cognos and cognos8 as well as mention all the advantages nd disadvantages in cognos8 versions. any one plz answer this question.

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Hi..I have COG-112(Report Author),COG-122(Admin),COG-132(Meta data modelling). I took test end of Sep '09.I got 100% wcore with these dumps. If any body need then mail me on

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hi i need to rename a file in cognos8? can anyone help me out how 2 do it? pls suggest some solution such as using a batch file or using a procedure node or anything to rename the file


What is the size of the cube?


i'm searching on cognos..i want to know real time scenarios..persons having real time exp or undertaking trainings or who searching on cognos...can send me the details...for proper guidence..for project and interview preparation..pls help me mail-id is u will respond as soon as possible..thanks..


please can you give me some banking domine calculations developed in framework manager plzzzzz thank you.


Diff b/w Crossproduct and Outerjoin?


------------- How to identify the Revenue Column in Report?


What is the use of powerhouse?


What are all the types of hierarchies?


hi frnds any body have cognos projects plz send me two(or)three projects to my mail adress


What is the information present in the cognos configuration file?


How to create model and how to test model?


What is looping and how to avoid it in framework manager?


What is defined as Cognos Impromptu?


how the values be passed to prompts in report studio? when a data item is dragged n dropped in to report, after the default query generated first which sql will the query query hit for processing means (native or cognos)? plz answers to these questions?


-----------Diff b/w OLAP and RDBMS?