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Business Objects Interview Questions
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When upgrading from 3.1 to 4.0. Which services need to run ONLY? Do ALL services need to be running?


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Hi, What is the best answer for tell me about yourself for 2 years experience in bo developing.


How to change the order of prompts in universe?

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I have Startdate,enddate objects in querypanel and prompt on those would i get before 2 years data,if i run that query.


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What is #refresh,#hash,#Comupation error and How to resolve #refresh,#hash error.


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What is scope of analysis ?


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How to sort the dynamic objects alphabetically on the Universe based on and SQL Server



what is stacked chart , Bar chart, Column chart?

Tech Mahindra,

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Anyone suggest where can i get SAP Business Objects dumps for the below: C_BOE_30 C_BOWI_30 C_BOWI_40 C_BOBIP_40 C_BOBIP_41 C_BODI_20 C_BOSUP_90


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How many universes will run maximum in single project


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What is the most complex report you have developed. Explain and how did you overcome??? Please give some examples

NTT Data,

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why less number of records in loop? why more number of records in traps?


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What is difference between merged dimension and forced dimension??

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when I am trying to schedule the report its running faster then I tried to run it manually?? why is it so that there is difference of time between scheduling and manual run for report

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What are the difference between merge,auto merge and extended merge ?

Cap Gemini,

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Can any one say me how i can integrate 3 or more analytics like radio bottons,line chart,pie chart while designing a dash board in xcelsius and i am also facing problem to show one after another values in the same chat at a time..... Please help me out for this....


can some body explain how migrate the BoXI r2 to BO 3.x and crystal reports XI r1 to Crystal report 2008 ?


I have set of reports in BO4.0 and need to use "Hyperlink" functionality. I had to use native hyperlink functionality provided in BO4.0 but looks like it's available only in Rich Client.Currently,we have only Infoview B04.0 Launch Pad.Is OpenDoc the only hyperlink option on BO4.0 Launch Pad? Thank you.


What is thumbnail?


what is the difference b/w the refresh and buffered data?


Explain what are the measure objects?


What is aggregate table and aggregate fact table ... Any examples of both?


What is the difference between the public object&schema object?


webI report not showing Barcode in PDF format, i have used BC39 font,but barcode is shown in HTML but not in PDF, please any solutions??


what is universe null


What's the Functional & Architectural Differences between Business Objects & Web Intelligence Reports?


Which command using Query Analyzer will give you the version of SQL server and operating system ?


what are the day to day activities of BO administrator ?


Difference between b.o 5.1 and 6.1b?


Hi I'm using data federator.I would like to know if it allows select statment in where clause.For example: SELECT Employee, company, orgunit FROM TAB_BIG WHERE employee IN (Select TAB_SMALL.employee FROM TAB_SMALL WHERE flag = X ) bye