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Oracle General Interview Questions
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definition of cluster and non-clustered index?



how to get the index id?

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Difference between join and a subquery?

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How to find no of saturdays in a month using single sql ?

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How to create index-by table in oracle?

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1) WIll all the user get the DEFAULT profile, if their current profile got deleted at any point of time? 2) What are the Situation we need to MOVE the TABLE between T.spaces? 3) What is the use of MOVING the TABLE between SCHEMA'S? 4) What are the Table Clause, Segment Clause and the Datafile Clause which will override each other? 5) Explain SORT_AREA_SIZE of Tempfile to make UNIFORM SIZE


1) What is ONE_SIZE_FITS_ALL approach? 2) Explain the Common & Variable Header of DATA FILE? 3) What are the Drawbacks to using OMF DB? and the Advantages? 4) List out the Advantages of Undo T.spaces over the Undo SEGMENT? 5) Difference between the Temporary tablespace with TEMPFILE and the Tablespace with TEMPORARY Keyword? 6) What are the situation extents are freeing for reuse.



What is Water Mark in Oracle?


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We need to compare two successive records of a table based on a field. For example, if the table is CUSTOMER, and the filed is Account_ID, To compare Account_IDs of record1 and record2 of CUSTOMER table, what can be the query ?

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How to call a stored procedure inside a trigger? Give an example.


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How to call a trigger inside a stored procedure?Give an example.

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Can we call a trigger inside a function and function inside a trigger? Give example.

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can we insert any row to dual table if i got the permission from DBA

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how to find the second highest salary in a given table????

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what is data abstraction

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What is concurrency in oracle?


What do you mean by a database transaction & what all tcl statements are available in oracle?


Explain about your project and its relation to the current job position you are applying to?


How to drop an existing table in oracle?


Can we convert a date to char in oracle and if so, what would be the syntax?


In SAP ECC 6.0 , under DB02 tcode , Tablespace name to be explain stepy step all the col


What is backup in Oracle?


What is the usage of merge statement?


What are the extensions used by oracle reports?


What view(s) do you use to associate a users SQLPLUS session with his o/s process?


How can I create database in oracle?


what is the difference between functional dependecy and multilevel dependency?


Can we use oracle pl/sql block in core java? if so how? pls get back to me .....


How to do paging with oracle?


How do I uninstall oracle 11g?