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Oracle General Interview Questions
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what is grid in Oracle 10g...

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please explain.. DB architecture ...


hai, I am searching job on Oracle10g and PL/sql,Unix... can any one send me resume format. an suggest me how to prepare.. ann books..

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Hi Can any one tell me what are the API's used in requisition import.


How do we switch from init.ora file to asp file?

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what is mean by prmary key and foreign key and how can we diffrentiate that? Please answer me. Advance thanks.

BPO, Excel, Wipro,

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There are n numbers of flatfile of exactly same format are placed in a folder.Can we load these flatfile's data one by one to a single relational table by a single session??


If server is in US and client is in india there is timezone is diffrence, How can we display date in indian time when data is displayed from US server timezone?

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how table is defined in plsql table? how can i select column from plsql table? can i use select * from plsql table type?

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what are steps for interface? where is exchange rate defined in which table?


In Oracle Clinical 4.5.0, can the VIEW_TEMPLATE_ID column in DATA_EXTRACT_VIEWS table contain NULL value?


HI, Please let me know the syllabus for Oracle OCA and OCP Certification


what is the maximum number of indexes i can create for a table? What happens if i create indexes for all the columns of a table? Will it slow down the speed of retrieval

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which is best insttute for teradata,sybase,mysql,oracle in hyderabad

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How many objectname will be created for a single table drop function? Why 'flashback' query giving error "ORA-38312: original name is used by an existing object" while getting the table?


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What are temporal data types in oracle?


Explain coalesce function?


What operating systems are supported by oracle database 10g xe?


Design database draw er diagram for a certain scenario ?


Can you drop an index associated with a unique or primary key constraint?


How to retrieve the count of updated rows?


What is max rowid in oracle?


How to define an anonymous procedure without variables?


How to create a stored function in oracle?


What is the quickest way to fetch the data from a table?


What is the difference between "as" and "is" in an oracle stored procedure?


How many types of table in Oracle?


How to estimate disk space needed for an export job?


How to loop through data rows in the implicit cursor?


How to define an oracle cursor variable?