Advanced Java Interview Questions
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i have a 1000 objects in data base i need to display those in jsp's how can i retrive those objects in jsp. (consider the performance issue)

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What is the O/P of the below Code Snippet ? And how does it imply the concept of call-by-value/call-by-reference. (Note : Pls ignore syntx errors) public class One { sop ("Into One--"); } public class Two extends One{ sop ("Into Two--"); } public class Home { One a; Two t; public static void main(argv[]) { sop ("In Home--"); sop(One.a); sop(Two.a); sop(One.t); sop(Two.t); } }


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what is a Daemon Thread?

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How to synchronize jsp page?

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what are design patterns in java?give with example?

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Why JDBC has introduced

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which is the better collection class if the requirement is only displaying the data

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if i know the lenght of collection in hand, should I use Array or Arraylist? justify


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1) what is synchronization? 2)write a program to show synchronization ? 3) what is orm? 4) what is getTemplete method and hw u use it? 5)write a singleton program ? 6) what is IOC concept & explain it? 7) methods of spring? 8)explain spring framework? 9)what are the oops concept? 10)what r the diff types of exception? 11)what is AOP(assepct oriented programing)? 12)jsp life cycle? 13)servlet life cycle? 14)how to u catch ur exception when executing a query in hibernate? 15)write javascript function? 16)write a querry to join two tables? 17)wap to show inheritance and use of interface? 18)explain the project? 19)in spring bean class uses singleton or prototype? 20)Explain prototype?

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How many JSP scripting elements and what are they?


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What are the implicit objects?


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which book is better for jdbc ,servlets and jsp



how to use debug in my elipse to solve problems that exist in my project

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which of the following authentication is stronger than the others? a. Http Basic b. Http DIGEST c. Form based

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which deployment descriptor element is used to configure the authentication method? a. auth-config b. login-config c. sec-config

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What is the difference between the ‘font’ and ‘fontmetrics’ class?


What is JTS?


Do I need to import javlang package any time? Why ?


Are there books about seam?


Explain the difference between object state and behavior?


For which statements does it make sense to use a label?


What are the design considerations while making a choice between using interface and abstract class?


Why a component architecture for the java platform?


What is jboss?


What restrictions are placed on the location of a package statement within a source code file?


the same information whether it will connect to the database or it will be used previous information?


What are JTA/JTS and how they used by client?


What is the relationship between the canvas class and the graphics class?


What is Stream Tokenizer?


Which textcomponent method is used to set a textcomponent to the read-only state?