Advanced Java Interview Questions
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what is the life cycle of jsp?

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what's the main difference between unix os and linux os?


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How to add new JTabbed pane?

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explain session tracking. why we used it


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i want documentation of text file splitter & merger of advanced java


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what are the software's needed to develop advanced java 3 tier application project

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how to search the pertical objects in a Collections


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iam writing the contents to a excel through I/O i am putting first statement as WRITE and then READ(from excel) immediately..later user complains that he is not getting the date by using READ ..wat could be the situation


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Hi frnds ,iam new to java and j2ee ,my requirement is using java or any j2eetech how to lock an user when he enter wrong credentials(uname&password) more than 3 times.take the username and passowrd in a bean no need to conned Db kindly provide me sample application code or and ideas or links or tutorials plzzzzz urgent for me thanks in advance...


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Suppose there are 3 combo box. SELECT COUNTRY SELECT STATE SELECT CITY if i select any country from country conutrylistbox values in the state will get automatically inserted with database values>> THEN on selection of state city will be inserted in city combo box If you can help then please Help me...


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the advantages of polymorphic

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can i call multipule form beans in Action class?


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Difference Between getRequest and PostRequest?


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why we use main in java?

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Can we define constructors in Servlet?

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To identify IDL language what mapping mechanism is used?


Explain phantom read?


What are the steps to write p-to-p model application?


In RMI, inorder to sent the stub reference to the client, is we have to load the server object first into the memory or can we directly sent reference to the client?


Difference between DurableSubscription and non- DurableSubscription?


what are the advantages of JTA over JTS?


What is the form of storage space in java?


How a component can be placed on Windows?


What is table mutation and how do you avoid it?


Explain the steps in details to load the server object dynamically?


Why use a datasource when you can directly specify a connection details? (in a J2EE application)


int x=5,i=1,y=0; while(i<=5) { y=x++ + ++x; i=i+2; } System.out.println(x); System.out.println(y); System.out.println(i); How to solve this? Please explain!


What are the services in RMI ?


when A client sent a request to the server to open facebook page and close the browser after this request .at that time the same user do login by using a different browser then that session id will exist or not for the same client??


what is a portable component?