Advanced Java Interview Questions
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A user of a web application sees a jsessionid argument in the URL whenever a resource is accessed. What does this mean? a. The form must have the field jsessionid b. URL rewriting is used as the session method c. Cookies are used for managing sessions


1) which method of the RequestDispatcher cannot be called once the output is sent to the client? a. forward b. include c. both a&b 2) which interface should an object implement to get notified of changes to the list of active sessions in a web application? a. HttpSessionListener b. HttpSessionActivationListener c. HttpSessionAttributeLIstener 3) A user can select multiple locations from a list box on an HTML form, which of the following methods can be used to retrieve all the selected location? a. getParameter() b. getParameterValues() c. getParamValues() 4) which of the following methods should be used to send character text to the client? a. ServletResponse.getWriter() b. ServletResponse.getOutputStream() c. ServletResponse.getOut() 5) which implicit object is always available in a JSP page? a. exception b. session c. out 6) which inclusion mechanism doesn't include the source of the page, rather the output of the page. a. include directive b. jsp:include action c. Bothe a& b 7) which attribute of the page controls whether a page participates in session or not? a. session-allowed b. session c. isSession

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Difference Between java & javax

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is servlet,struts are threadsafe or not.please telme correct answer


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difference between apllet and interface class


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Thread life cycle?


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what is the difference between System.out.println and out.println in java


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how to create Calculator GUI using Gridbaglayout as like as Window Calculator??????????? (Open calculator Go-->Run-->type calc-->Enter)


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how java is os independent language ?

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Write a java program to find out the sum of harmonic series : 1 + ½ + 1/3 + ……… up to nth term , for any value of n.

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Different between Struts and Spring? or Why use Spring, if you are already using Struts?


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Does Java pass arguments by value or reference?


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Difference between JRE and JVM?

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Will it be called overriding if I do not change the parameters or return type, instead throw a different exception in the method signature.


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How will the struts know which action class to call when you submit a form?


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What is the difference between static and non-static with examples?


we use MainFrame and using os390 for operating system with DB2 data base in IRAN and interest programing with java and use webspere for world wide,please help me where i should start?


when A client sent a request to the server to open facebook page and close the browser after this request .at that time the same user do login by using a different browser then that session id will exist or not for the same client??


which book is better for jdbc ,servlets and jsp


What are the services in RMI ?


What is Stream Tokenizer?


What are the steps to write p-to-p model application?


Explain phantom read?


Difference between DurableSubscription and non- DurableSubscription?


why static class in java


Have you used threads in Servelet?


wahts is mean by dynavalidatorform in struts/


How to deploy Jar, War files in J2EE?


how to use debug in my elipse to solve problems that exist in my project


How primary key is implemented in Oracle?