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Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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How to know we are in home page of a web application using QTP



Hi Friends , i am very new in VB 6.0 Any body can able to help me ? i need interview question and answer vb 6.0 . please send

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There are 2 tables: EMP : EmpId, Ename, Sal, DeptId DEPT : DeptId, Dname Write a query to find out emp names and their department names. if any emp has null in Deptid the it shows ?No Department?. Write a query to find out those department names which has no employee. Write a query to find out those employees whose salary is greater than their department?s average salary.


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how to invoke the macro in another macro?


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how to convert the data from HTML file to SAS dataset?



what is difference between c and C#

MCN Solutions,

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how do u handle table control inbdc explain the process in steps iwant the answer in urgent please forward this even i know how to explain there



how do find the user exit for selected feild whatis the process and can u plz explain it


One boy has to climb steps. He can climb 1 or 2 steps at a time. Write a function that will returns number of way a boy can climb the steps. Int WaytoSteps(int n) (eg:- suppose number of steps is n=4 ,the function will return 5 (one-one-one-one ,one-one-two, one-two-one-,two-one-one, two-two)



what is difference between VB5 AND VB6.0


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What parameters are used to run a JCL JOB on a perticular DAY and TIME and DATE

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What is the difference between procedure -oriented language and object oriented language?

IBM, Infosys, TCS,

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hi friends please tel me how to handle the recovery manager(All i.e PopUp ,Application Crach ,Object state,etc) in QTP


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Hi, I'm doing 3rd year. Simultaneously I'm doing software engineering in a private institution. I would like to know whether my graduation alone is enough to get me a job in the IT field or should I do some PG course not MBA... suggest me...

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what is the difference between Windows application and Unix application?



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10.Define filters,binary to hexadecimal,hexadecimal to decimal?


What is ur porject Architecture? If anyone ask what i have to specify here..


For a binary tree with n nodes, How many nodes are there which has got both a parent and a child?


what is the difference between read the data from table and infotype


Find out the list of authorization objects which contains activity as a field? Thanks in advance.


what is adodb??y it is used for connection of V.B and access??what is ado?dao?


Mainly Related to Oracle, DBMS , Oracle Stored Procedures, Functions, Oracle 9i Architecture, Redo logs..., Views,


how to data grid use in data bind?


Code for display the images from drive using vb 6.0?


what is woransient key word? how it is used in java


How to print No.of.rows affected after updation using ADO.Net


iam confused among testing ,.net and java. can anybody help me.


In JCl , we have COND parameter.This holds comparison code and condition.It also has only and even parameters. ex: COND((4,GE),EVEN).what the comma mean here. is that 'and' or 'or'.


what is the difference between uservariables and systemvariables (in Environmental variables)???


Explain what is OOPS and its concepts?