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The primary purpose of an operating system is....


We want that when we type baishakh and drag the fill handle,Excel should produce jestha, Aashadh and so on.What will you have to set to do that ?

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In an Interview when asked me that tell me about yours self, then what is the step by the answer?



How does the respiratory system picks up oxygen while inhaling amongst all other gases????


hi frnds ny idea ke sbi po ka result kb tak ayega?? plz join this thread n share imp n relevent information..

State Bank Of India SBI,


12.05 x 5.4 Õ 0.3 = ? (a)108.55 (b)216.90 (c)118.45 (d)118.55 (e)None of these



which is known as coffee port of the world

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Which is the World’s Warmest Sea?


Can a Trust be made nominee in a life insurance policy


donkey & horse : mule :: lion & tiger :

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i have cleared iob po written exam 2011 can any body say when will be the possible date of interview

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what is the type of supply((AC or DC) used to HT motors?


what is DMF? TYPES OF DMFs?


what is CTD format?


hello good aftarnoon,sir i m working in sultanate of oman last 12 years whenever i m coming on leve to mumbai the mumbai custams allways giving broblem me. thay asking me how many watch,perfums,gold,silver electronics,and etc you having?if i m going by for my personel usage thinks our i Rs WORTH HOW mutch i can bring? pls advice me.


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Why DNS uses both TCP and UDP ports.


What are the seven wonders of this world?


Hi I have cleared the written exam for Karnataka bank PO. My interview is on 27-4-2011. Please give me some interview questions its urgent. My email is reddyy20@gmail.com and my contact number is 09493952153


HI,Please Give me the suggestion to join in Sristek,Hyderabad to work on SAS?Please tell me how is this company? and how the career in this company????


Briefly describe your ideal job


What is the difference between Tinanium Debit card and Platinuim Debit card?


what is mean by domain interms of software ? can you expain in specific in terms of web based , networking all those ?how to choose the domain for doing a project in software feild ?


Thyristor convertor type AVR(Automatic Voltage Regulator) is made of Thyristors(Silicon Controlled Rectifiers,SCRs). We know that output DC voltage from an SCR will not only depend upon the r.m.s. value of Input voltage applied, but also at the angle at which the input AC cycle is fired (using gate signal). If the firing angle is zero(in a simple circuit), then maximum DC output voltage will be obtained.If the firing angle is changed from 0 to 180,then maximum to minimum voltage is obtained. This property could be used to build an AVR. The firing angle proportional to Output voltage could be used to trigger the thyristor,in a closed loop manner and a nearly constant DC voltage(Average Value) can be obtained.An invertor circuitory could be utilised to get a regulated AC supply. Many other configurations can be build from thyristors to get a regulated AC supply.


what is diffrence windows 98 and 2000


what do the resistors in oscillators


different of bank statment and stock transfer in cash book


Hi I want prepare for group 2 exam so which material to be perfect and how to prepare


Cosmos bank is nationalised or Not..?


what can i do to get friends that will help me financailly pls. and also to get there email


What is Micro-kernel? What are the benefits of Micro-kernel?