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We want that when we type baishakh and drag the fill
handle,Excel should produce jestha, Aashadh and so on.What
will you have to set to do that ?

We want that when we type baishakh and drag the fill handle,Excel should produce jestha, Aashadh an..

Answer / diljeet

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we need to change 100 Rs and it must contain 50 Note equal to 100 Rs by adding 1 5 10 20???

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how to prepare for group2 exam in span of one week...and in how many days do i get the result....and wat are the qualifying marks for group2 exam...can anyone please help me...

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market u r self

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what process model is the best for on line shopping?.. v-model waterfall or spiral?

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Hello All, Can anybody plz brief abt the yahoo interview procedure?? specially the programming round of the interview procedure??

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1)how many members of rajya sabha are nominated by the president?a)five b)twelve c) one fifth of total memberd) ten 2)the head quarter of united nation is at a)geneva b) paris c)new yorkd) washington D.C. 3)which authority decides about the state share in central taxes. a) planning commision b) finance commision c) election commision d) tax commision. 4)the first woman president of indian national congess was a)sarojini naidu b) anne besant c) sucheta kripani d) rajkumari amrit kaur 5)kath kali originated in the state of a)andra pradesh b) kerala c) tamil nadu d) karnataka 6)moti masjid in the red fort was constructed by a) sher shah b) shahjan c) aurangzeb d) bahadurshah zafar. 7)the recipient of the "Booker Prize 2008"a)vikram seth b)chetan bhgat c) arvind adiga d) amitav ghosh 8)the first ever indian shuttler to win two grand pix single title.a)aparna popa b)jwala gutta c) saina nehwal d)n.sikki reddy.

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tell about yourself??

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hi all.i have cleared the deccan grameena bank clerk written can anyone send me some interview questions.thanks 2 all

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what is hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic ?

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split stock

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Could u tell how is coaching in National School of Banking, Ameerpet, Hyderabad for bank pos.

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explain the role of Ali brothers in the khilafat movement.

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