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hey do any one know when will be sbh clerks joining date exactly or roughly plzzzzz rep me kk and where there are vacancies


I want to start my own business by taking small shop 150- 200 sq foot iam mechanical engineer which business can i start trading ,dealership in which product where i can contact


who invented sitar?


Dear sir, I want previous papers of rbi . i shall be highly grateful to u .



dear sir , how i prepare general studies of rbi .



Dear sir, The best book of rbi of previous papers is in which publication i bought?


Dear sir, in rbi total time is 3 hours & total 200 marks question . But i dont understand how many no of question in maths,eng,reas,ga. please help me. so please send me a total set f rbi previous papers with solution. THANKS


kindly send me sbi bank question format & also send syllabus


Why you want leave the current job?


how many requires for selecting employee provident fund social security assistant post.


Last Tuesday Ganesh went for the late night show and came late. In the morning family members asked him which movie did he see. He gave different answers to everyone. 1. He told to his father that he had gone to see MONEY. 2. According to his mom, he saw either JOHNY or BABLU. 3. His elder brother came to know that he saw BHABI. 4. To his sister, he told ROBOT. 5. And his grandpa heard that he saw BUNNY. Thus, Ganesh gave six movie names, all five letter words. But he saw some other movie with five letter word. Moreover, each of the six movie names mentioned above has exactly two letters common with the movie he saw. (with the same positions) Can you tell which movie did Ganesh saw?


What is seo?

Soft Solutions,


difference between visa and pssport . what are general rules to get those( how to aplly for it)?


which type of questions are asked in interview related to warehousing profile. if anybody can support in this regard pls let us know?


Are you man enough to try it is Punchline of which Company

1 3910

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how was BITP exam, is it easy? ,As i din't get any sample question papers I am totally confused


Is my transfer certificate issued by college is my character certificate?


how to get c & f agengy licence or ragistration ??


i want to start a call centre of airtel or jio. what is the whole procedure. kindly help me out.


I have done MBA(Finance & Mktng) back in 2009 and then join the BPO backend process for 1 year and done sap sd and now i m lkking for the sap sd or mba job ..please reply fast at if you have any suggestion...i need job immediatly...


how does thomas cook interface with their customer??


Is there any minimum marks to be given in SBI clerk interview? My interview was very bad..was able to ans only 10% of questions.I know to read and write the local language.Written have done well. Pls ans if anybody knows the cut off


what is the general administration


what is hi... meaning


what is CRR?


The ration of stone,sand and cement in a concrete mixture is 6;3;1.If you have 20m^3 of concrete,what is the volume of;sand,stone and cement?


Minimum invoice value require for form form 38 in up


Hire Purchase System and Installments System.


What is Micro-kernel? What are the benefits of Micro-kernel?


What's the difference between NCR(non-conformity report) and DR(deviation report)?