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Everything Else AllOther Interview Questions
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plz... tell me the punch line,no.of ATM's,PLR,SLR of BANK OF BARODA as soon as possible.Bcoz i have an interview on 22 MAY.


Write the equation of a circle with endpoints of the diameter at (2, -5) and (-4, 3).


The policeman saw the thief.The policeman ran after the thief (No sooner......)


what technical arears do you consider yourself to be proficient?


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when will the tnpsc group -ii result come


have anybody receive the appointment order from iob pls reply me

Indian Overseas Bank,

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How many states in India now(since recently few states are divided)? How many metro-politan cities in India, what are they?

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what are the steps taken by american govt to handle the global crisis


will the present govt be favourable to indian economy


Hi am having stammering problem,when i am cool i will speak well, but when i am in hurry or enthusiastic or anxiety about any thing i begin to stammer any one of u can help me out to reduce my stammering

Bank Of India,

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Recently i got a mail from a firm called ssiengg through Naukri. It had an attachment in it. It was a Job selection order in word document. I went through the whole letter in which it was said that i was provisionally selected for a job in their firm. It was the first ever selection letter i have received yet. So i was surprised and happy. But later i thought of searching in google about that. I later came to know that they are fake.Is it true. They have provided D.D in favour of----- and phone numbers...How they are cheating us?

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sir,iwant andhrabank and indian bank clerk model papers.pls send me

Indian Bank,

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SIR am studying 3rd year now I want to know details regarding RRB pharmacist posts i.e 1.How to apply 2.Exams to be faced 3.Minimum qualification 4.Previous question papers pls do reply me my I.D :


What type of questions will be asked in LIC's exam for the post of Assistant Administrative Offocer?



Dear sir, I need placement papers for hindustan petroleum Information Systems Officer post... my Email ID Please this is a humble request and very urgent. Any help from you would be great. Thanks in advance.


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Hi, I like to learn Linux from scratch, i have 3 years of experience as Technical Support Representative in call centers. Will i be able to opt for Linux Administrator Job?


My lcd monitor not showing boot screen[dos].Whenever I start the pc it shows black screen till the windows xp starts. will you help me to solve this ?


Upto How many years you’ll work for us?


Describe a technology you learned recently. How do you learn it?


What is mean by CRT interview????




sir i got a call from cabinet secretariat regarding i got selected in dfo(gd) 2013 on 28/5/2016 to come for filling of some details in my interview attestation form,which i submitted.Now when will my verification be completed and got the appointment letter.Is anybody got the same


Hi, I Have have completed my Post graduation in Msc(Comp Science) I want to apply for research in india or abroad How to apply? When to Apply? Even i am preparing for GRE exam. Please provide me with your valuable guidance to shape up career... Thanks :)


how does thomas cook interface with their customer??


What is the joining Date of SBI Cleark 2010


When Dena Bank po 2017 will be held????


hello everyone I am from morocco and i have i-20 visa interview and i need help with a question COURSE OF STUDY : GENERAL STUDIES


studying microwave office software what can i do?


what is the role of marketing employee in a company.


hey guys does anyone know wen is the sbi clerk interview starting for general category