Hi am having stammering problem,when i am cool i will speak
well, but when i am in hurry or enthusiastic or anxiety
about any thing i begin to stammer any one of u can help me
out to reduce my stammering

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Hi am having stammering problem,when i am cool i will speak well, but when i am in hurry or enthus..

Answer / louisa

As a stammerer myself I can understand exactly what you
mean. Most times, it is not practical to "count from 100
to 1 for 5 times" as you may be in situations where this is
not practical (and quite frankly people making jokes out of
any disability doesn't help much either!!).

Basically, it's all about breathing, although I still
stammer myself, especially in job interview situations,
I've found that hurrying to get the word or words out means
that you're trying to avoid the stammer being detected and
you think that whoever you're speaking to wants you to
finish the sentence NOW! lol. When in fact, they're not
waiting to hear you become dysfluent, they may not even
know that you have a stammer, but by you trying to "hide"
it, it becomes more obvious and apparent!

Breathe first ans speak slowly, even monotone if necessary
and more importantly, don't worry about the reaction of the
person/s you are speaking to, believe me, they are rooting
for you to overcome your stammer!

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Hi am having stammering problem,when i am cool i will speak well, but when i am in hurry or enthus..

Answer / manimala

First of all, never get discouraged by yourself and not
show this to the other person. Even people who are very
fluent, sometime stammer, especially during interview
times, for no reason at all. So, when you are asked a
question, just take a little time to think your answer,
organise it and repeat it inside yourself and then speak
out slowly, I repeat, dont be in a hurrry to elaborate and
find words, just speak out whatever you have thought inside
in a slow and steady manner.

Point no. 2 is cut your answer into small sentences and
then speak out one by one slowly. Stammering happens only
when you try to speak without any pause, of course, there
are people who can speak without having a breath. But our
case is different.

Finally, remember, every person has got his/her own plus
and minuses. You have stammer, but you might have got the
skill which is required by them and there are chances of
you getting selected.

Challo, all the best.

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Hi am having stammering problem,when i am cool i will speak well, but when i am in hurry or enthus..

Answer / amruth

hey be cool everyday...

then only u wont stammer

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Hi am having stammering problem,when i am cool i will speak well, but when i am in hurry or enthus..

Answer / guest

Count from 100 to 1 for 5 times..

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