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Indian Bank Interview Questions
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I have done B.Sc.(H)Zoology.Presently doing MBA(Global Business).Went for an interview.There they asked me "Why did you do MBA after doing B.Sc.?"

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Whose signature is found on a ten-rupee currency note in India? (a) Governor of RBI (b) Finance Secretary of India (c) Finance Minister of India (d) None of the above

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Merdeka Cup is associated with (a) Hockey (b) Tennis (c) Football (d) Badminton

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Union Bank of India Bank Clerical Examination July 2005 Question Papers

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Bank Clerical Exams, Model Paper

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Dr. Ambedkar considered one Fundamental Right to be the heart and soul of the Indian Constitution. It is (1) Right to equality (2) Right to freedom (3) Right against exploitation (4) Right to constitutional remedies

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The slogan ?With you ? all the way? is related to which a bank? 1 Indian Bank 2 HSBC 3 HDFC 4 State Bank of India

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Bank exam for SBI - Porbationary officer,CUb- Clerical Type model qustion paper I want Please send by email id. as soon as possible

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please send the sample question of state bank of india to email id please.......that is quatitative aptitude,general awareness&resoning ability,marketing aptitude/computerknowledge,english,psycometry

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How many types of banking accounts? tell me about that

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please send model question papers fo BANK PO EXAM QUESTION PAPERS

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Please give us model sbi clerk exam questions

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i want the syllabus with question paper for clerical exam . i request you to send to my e mail

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Please suggest me how to prepare for the Bank Probationary Officers examination. I cant go to any coaching classes, so im preparing at plese tell me any tips regarding how to prepare for the exams.. thank you

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What is the gross salary of newly appointed clerk in sbi bank ?

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