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hi..i'm a B.Tech(IT) Graduate....if t hr ask,u r a enginnering student,then y do u choose bpo?what answer i should give?plz tell me...

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ho to select a file in windows vista

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why you are join as a quality analyist ?


why are you inted in call center job

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what are the new things you are going to do,when you join in a call center job


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Who is your role model

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how is ur college life?

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What is SHRINKAGE and ATTRITION..? If anyone knows please let me know..!

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Any body got Syndicate Bank PO Appointment letter ??If any one got it Please mail me on

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what were the memorable day in ur last company ?


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What do you know about customer service?


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What will you do if the customer abused you during call?

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What will you use in your work?


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What is the type of the customer service field?

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why are you join ienerjier


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What factors do you need to take care of while creating a customer newsletter?


Do you think that you’ll like this job?


Define Customer Service & Why is Customer Service important ?


why do u want to leave the last organization ?


How is Absenteesim Calculated ?


Please read these words carefully see c sansaar customer university these words used for see mti problem of candidate


Explain how to tackle the customer language barrier that exists in between?


what are the advantages of crm ?


what are some aspects of your present or most recent position that you dislike?


what is the use of a call center? what are the most commonly asked questions during a call center interview? can you give me some tips on a call center job interview? what is the use of a call center? can you give me some lists of possible questions in a call center interview? including the best answers for that particular question. Thank you.


Will you be happy to work in night shifts or over the weekends?


I just want to know plz tell me us shift its totally night shift or day or afternoon shift also there.


How is AHT Calculated


tell me some thing about blobal worming


when i went to convergys then i was asked to these question? only for technical post 1. give me your introduction 2. what is ping, ms config, safe mode, last known configuration, system restore, backup, ip address and what is command prompt.....